Krishnarao Prasad, a former Indian cricketer was born, in Bangalore, on August 5, 1969. Venkatesh Prasad entered the world of cricket in 1996. Prasad played 33 Test matches and scored 96 wickets, on an average of 35. He played 161 ODIs and took 196 wickets.

Venkatesh Prasad found those wickets successful that facilitated seam bowling. In the Test series of 1999, he played for India against Pakistan and took 5 wickets for 0 runs. Prasad showed remarkable performance by taking 10 wickets, in a match played in Durban, in 1996.

But it remained his single ten-wicket total in Test matches. Moreover, he claimed a total of five scalps, in 1996, in England, in 2001, in Sri Lanka, in 2001, and 1997, in the West Indies. In Sri Lanka, in 2001, Prasad played his concluding Test match at Sri Lanka.

One of Prasad’s optimum moments arrived, in 1996, during the World Cup when he clean bowled Aamir Sohail. This happened when Prasad was hit by Aamir Sohail in support of a boundary and overtly sledged by him. Sohail was clean bowled by Prasad immediately on the subsequent ball, which was considered by many as the deciding moment of the innings.

After the Test matches played in Sri Lanka, in 2001, Prasad was not included in the Indian cricket team. Prasad was appointed to coach the Indian team in the realms of bowling, after it showed an unsatisfactory performance in 2007, in the World Cup. This was a homecoming to his team after 3 years.

Prasad will always be known as a quiet and focused bowler on the Indian cricket side. During his overs, it was difficult for batsmen to score runs that were seen during India v Pakistan matches as well.

He was a good addition to the Indian side with performances such as 633 in test cricket and 5/27 in ODIs. A bowler like Prasad never made it into the Indian cricket team after his retirement as the bowling side of India is currently at quite a low position.

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