Pamela (Pam) Howard Shriver was born in Baltimore, Maryland on the 4th of July, 1962.

Presently a tennis broadcaster working with ESPN, BBC, and Seven Network, Pam Shriver is also known for her exceptional tennis talent she showed on the courts through winning 133 top-level titles in her career which include one mixed double and 21 women Doubles Grand Slam titles.

She also wears a God medal she earned at the Olympic Games held in Seoul in 1988 winning the game with her partner Zina Garrison. She is also the winner of two more gold medals in the Pan American games in 1991 where she received gold for a singles match and one for a women’s doubles.

Shriver turned pro in 1979 and in between announcing her retirement in 1997 she was a tennis marvel, especially in the doubles game. Shriver reached her career’s highest singles rank of No. 3 on 20th February 1984.

Although she never won any Grand Slam finals of the singles game she ended up as a runner up in the 1978 Amateur under-16 game in the US Open where she lost to Chris Evert. She also holds 48 singles titles in which she won 21 and ended as a runner up in 27 games.

Shriver won 21 of her initial singles title in 1978 in Columbus, Ohio. Shriver also holds 111 Women’s doubles titles including 21 titles and 5 runners-up positions in the Grand Slam along with winning a mixed doubles title as well of the French Open in 1987.

Shriver is counted among the six females whose career titles exceed the 100 counts in the open era. She was ranked as the World’s No.1 doubles player on 18th March 1985. She captured all four grand slam doubles titles for herself in 1984. Her name was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in the year 2002.

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