Article writing of certain types can be either an indulgent time spent waxing most eloquently about your favorite topic, or it can be a chore. It is not only the topic, but also your approach, that determines which it will be.

Obviously it is easy to convey your enthusiasm when the subject matter is one that interests and excites you. If, on the other hand, the topic is one of those that might serve as a cure for insomnia, the task can be a little daunting.

So, how do you put more passion, more zeal and more pizzazz into an article about a subject you dislike? Easy! You improvise with words. In today’s world, we market products through media’s undreamed of a few decades ago.

Articles only appeared in print publication and then, suddenly the Internet happens and articles have become a way to market or “sell” products. They can be subtle and segue a reader towards a site or a search about a product, or the articles can be up-front, filled with SEO (search engine optimization) words and keywords that will be picked up by popular search engines like Google®, Yahoo®, Ask®, Bing® and more.

Whichever sort you are contract to write, a few simple steps can ensure that your article is more than just a well written piece regarding it a particular subject. It can also ensure its “marketability”.

⦁ The first step is simple. Use the key word or phrase somewhere in the title when writing articles for web. If you can use the entire phrase, pick out the most important world. If a search engine picks up the title and nothing else in the web article, a good title is enough to hook a reader. A hooked reader will then follow those subtle nudges toward the desired web sites for more information or to purchase a product.
⦁ Secondly, it is imperative that you don’t overload your writing with awkward insertions of the keyword or phrase. That means keep the usage to a minimum and insert it in a sentence or phrase where it sounds natural and not contrived. The readers are not stupid and will be able to tell an article written just for the SEO content and one that is well written and focused on the subject.
⦁ Step three involves the use of back links. Never hyperlink or back link a word or phrase to a client’s site unless directly authorized to do so. Many times the client will elect to handle that sort of thing without your assistance and your presumption might cost you the next assignment.
⦁ Finally, you must ensure that your writing flows. Instead of random facts or thought about the subject, it must follow a logical sequence or course, taking the reader from introduction to conclusion by following an interesting and informative pathway of words.
Following these simple steps of writing articles can assist you in furthering your article writing career for online marketing purposes. By improving the quality of your writing, at least as far as its marketing value, you can enhance your prospects of landing more work and establishing yourself as a “go-to” source for this type of work.

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