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Generate quality content for Google rankings.

In this era of digitization, there is a tough war between the sites to get improved SEO rankings. It is only possible by creating quality content for Google because this search engine only give desired rankings to the site with unique and good content. The ways to get top ranks on the first page of Google are given below:

  • The holistic and more relevant content is far better than the quantity of the shared post. The number of words and long paragraphs are not the solutions for getting desired positions. The higher ranking correlate with the four factors. These are easy to read content, media enriched content, long form content and semantically comprehensive content. These factors would be discussed further in detail to generate quality content for google top rankings.
  • The related terms and keywords must be related to the content. When the user is searching for content, he/she should get the exact information regarding the keyword. In case of not getting relevant information, there would be negative impact on the reputation of search engine.
  • The higher search ranking position can only get by the content which is having more number of words. Though, the content should be easy to read. The content sharing must be possible in all of the sites.
  • The improvement in rankings is only possible through improvement of content. It can be only improved by making the content unique as well as easy to read. The content should be included with the images so that it looks attractive to the readers.
  • The other factors to improve the SEO ranking through generating quality content for Google are highly significant inclusion of Wikipedia, the use of back links, the use of technical factors and on-page SEO. The technical factors are based on fast loading times, internal links, descriptions, title, Meta tags and headers.
  • The use of back links is quite important for a site. You don’t need to add the link if there is no logical reason for it. Back links of any site give references to proof the given statements. Therefore, inclusion of links should be encouraged by the site developers.
  • The content with fresh data is a key to generate higher rankings. The useful and unique content should be included on regular basis. In the sight of Google, content freshness is a main factor of providing top rankings.
  • Try to use multiple key phrases and also add your location in the content. A single keyword would not do anything in the content for Google

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