The Toronto International Film Festival is the celebration of the best local and international films being screened for open public every year in the month of September. As the name of the festival indicates, the gala takes place in Toronto, a truly modern city of Ontario, Canada.

The extraordinary celebration of the Toronto International Film Festival chooses an exclusive variety of movies to showcase. Such collection is part of the cinema history which starts from the ending period of 19th century to the current era. This history of cinema is continued to be rewritten every time.

The Toronto International Film Festival was originated in 1976 at Windsor Arms Hotel and was celebrated as “The Festival of Festivals” in the beginning. Since then the fiesta has become one of the most impressive happenings of its kind on the earth.

This is a unique film festival of the world where the finest movies are paired with music, improvised and played live by talented performers. The extraordinary event of the Toronto International Film Festival truly creates a relationship between the performers who are on screen, performers who personally present there and the public. The happenings taking place in the gala are never be forgotten or imitated.

In 2001, Perspective Canada whose purpose was focusing on Canadian films, was replaced with two programs including ‘Canada First’ a platform for Canadian filmmakers who can present their initial feature length work, featuring 8-15 movies and ‘Short Cuts Canada’ that consists of 30 to 40 Canadian short films.

In 2009, the Toronto International Film Festival decided to highlight movies from Tel Aviv that caused a controversy by means of protesters. According to those protesters, the decision was an element of attempting to re-band Israel in a positive beam after Gaza War of the January 2009.

In the year of 2012, a good number of films reaching around 372 from 72 different origins were shown at 34 cinemas in spots of downtown, Toronto. The celebration of the Toronto International Film Festival welcomed approximately 400,000 attendees including 4000 business professionals. The event was started on the first Monday of September in Canada which lasted for eleven days.

Some of outstanding films that have been screened at the Toronto International Film Festival so far are:

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