The history of the French Open could be traced back to the year 1981 when the very first tournament was played and won by Briggs. At that moment, it was not an international tournament.

In the year 1897, Women Singles Championship was introduced. In the city of love, Paris, the most physically demanding tennis tournament, French Open is played every year.

Known also as Roland Garros and being the premier clay-court tournament, it is played between late May and the earlier week of June for two weeks. Although the clay court provides a surface for a slow game, this championship has been entertaining tennis fans all over the world with sensational matches.

The dry and slow clay surface has given tremendous players like Bjorn Borg, Chris Evert, Justine Henin, Rafael Nadal, and many more

to the tennis fans. In the year 1925, Roland Garros was made open for all the competitors. After the French Open was recognized internationally, the legendary player Bjorn Borg showed his magic in the tennis world and claimed his sixth title in the year 1981.

In Women’s Singles, Chris Evert mesmerized the women’s tennis world with her game and won seven titles, which is a record held by her to date. The only player to win titles closer to Evert was Steffi Graf who became the winner of six titles.

In the chase for the French Open King, Rafael Nadal has made his mark by claiming 6 French Open titles, equalling Borg’s record, and is expected to do magic in the coming years. However, in the current era, no women tennis player has been able to dominate the clay court comprehensively.

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