Vintage and prestigious are the words that could be used for the oldest tennis tournament, Wimbledon. The championship has been played in All England Club since 1877 and is the most happening tournament of summer.

Wimbledon has been retained in its real essence by allowing the games to be played on the original grass surface since the beginning. The tournament entertains the audiences for two weeks, starting in late June and ending in early July. The unique feature of this tournament is that it starts on a Monday and ends on Sunday.

This pattern has been the same since the start of Wimbledon. The main events are of Wimbledon are Gentlemen’s singles (128 draws), Gentlemen’s Doubles (64 draws), Ladies singles (128 draws), Ladies doubles (64 draws), and Mixed doubles (48 draws)

Till now, 124 Gentlemen’s Singles Championships have been played in Wimbledon while 116 belong to the category of the Ladies’ Singles Championships which were added in 1884. Even though Wimbledon is a British tournament, it used to be ruled by the American legendary player, Pete Sampras. He won seven Wimbledon titles. As for women, M.

Navratilova, with her elegant and tremendous play, won nine Wimbledon titles. Wimbledon is the tournament that is now discussed in the context of entertaining people with the never ending 11 hours 5 minutes match spread over three days in the 2010 Championship. It was the longest match ever played in the history of tennis.

The epic combat took place between Isner and Mahut who played 70-68 games in the fifth set. Interestingly, the aces world record was also set in this match where John Isner stroke 112 aces. Wimbledon has been offering much excitement due to the rivalry between King Federer and Nadal. Let’s see who proves to be the next King of Wimbledon!

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