creating lead generation and backlinks

Content is a must when it comes to gaining traffic and backlinks on your website or a blog. Your web page will be ranked depending upon the amount of backlinks you have on your page. These links are the major determinants of lead generation on the search engines. Companies maintain articles or blogs in order to attract customers by providing them useful and informative content. Here are the key tips which could be adopted in order to use article writing for backlinks and lead generation:

1)      You should manage your website around one product and benefit. Take care of your website appearance in order to attract customers.

2)      In whatever niche you are working, lookout for the keywords which are browsed at maximum by people. You could have a look on these keywords by using Adwords Keywords Tool of Google. Gather all the popular keywords in order to use them in your articles. This will help you target the exact audience and increase the inbound links.

3)      Make sure that the article has a content which is useful, informative, unique and innovative. This way, the websites with higher Page Rank would look out for your website and care to exchange links. This will give an instant boot to the goal of your website.

4)      Make the heading of your article in a very interesting and clever way. Use the keyword along with making it interesting enough to attract customers.

5)      Use more than one directory for submitting your articles. Use Digg, etc in order to give a boost to the backlinks and lead generation. The beauty of these social bookmarking sites is that they categorize your articles on the basis of keywords and then show them on the search engines. If you have used the keywords wisely, then your page rank will surely increase due to the backlinks.

Article writing is thought to provide the most natural links to your website. Google overlooks the automatic link generator for the websites. So this shows that the use of article writing to increase the lead generation and backlinks is the best and most natural method with no fear of going blacklist. It ensures the persistent flow of visitors on your website.

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