public relations writing

Public Relations writing constitute an important aspect of Corporate Functions. A corporate establishment has several interest groups looking to it for information on a continuous basis. These target audiences may be listed as follows:
Investors, who have staked their Capital in the Company, and are therefore keen to know of the health of the Company.

Workers, who are contributing their labor in return for wages, and are ever worried about job safety.

The local community, who have an interest in the Health and safety aspects.

The customers, who are interested in the Quality and After Sales Service of the products.

The Competitors, who are eager to know of the product launches and pricing strategy.

The Government, having the duty to ensure compliance with the regulatory frame work.

The Public in general.

Effective Public Relations Communication has to keep the interests of all the above segments and disseminate information accordingly. Companies must devise a strategy for doing this. This will include the frequency for each type of communication to be issued, the media through which it will be given and create a specific budget for it. The P.R. Department shall follow these guidelines when carrying out its duties.

Three keys to successful P.R. Communication or P.R. Writing:

1. Keep your target audiences in mind and craft your language accordingly.

2. Address emotional and logical concerns and answer these promptly.

3. Be result-oriented.

The most important aspect in public relations writing to be taken care of is that the flow of information shall not be interrupted, because that would lead to speculations, misinformation and bad publicity.

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