Greatest tennis player Pete Sampras, the legendary king of tennis, with his 14 Grand Slam titles, has been the only player who never showed his emotions or broke into tears with such a grand career.

Out of his 14 Grand Slams, Peter claimed 7 titles of Wimbledon, which is the most outstanding record in the history of Wimbledon. He stands alone in this record on Wimbledon and is still cherished for his magnanimous performance.

Pete Sampras is an American tennis player. Sampras was included in the 2007 class of the International Tennis Hall of Fame on July 17, 2007, due to his exemplary play.

USA tennis player, Sampras has always felt comfortable and homey in England when it came to tennis and rocked the Wimbledon world with his extravagant records. As soon as he entered the green court of Wimbledon, his spirits used to get momentum and fired up against the opponent.

Sampras owned Wimbledon court and made himself a mentor for everyone to follow. He is the only player who was able to win three consecutive Wimbledon titles twice (1993-1995, 1997-2000). Sampras is the only tennis player who never lost the final of Wimbledon.

In his 13th Grand Slam play at Wimbledon, Sampras showed his hidden emotions when he broke best tennis player Roy Emerson’s record. Pete broke into tears when he played the last point and ran off to his parents and embraced them! What a moment it was for him, his family, and the tennis world! No wonder people envy the ones who were able to watch Sampras play on the court.

Sampras along with his dim smile, humble body language, and tremendously controlled emotions has been the ideal and classic sportsman in the tennis world! Sampras still has many records that might be surpassed by a player like Roger in the future, as King Federer is the master when it comes to the grass court.

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