Usually test cricket has witnessed longest batting innings in a pursuit to either avoid a follow on or draw a match or save an innings. Many great cricket players have amazed the cricket spectators with longest innings in order to either win or draw a match.

Cricket history has witnessed many legendary cricket players performing at such crucial moments. Below is the detailed information mentioning the names of some of the greatest cricket players that have played longest innings either by balls, minutes or runs in test, ODI and T20 cricket.

Longest innings played by cricket players by runs scored in a test cricket

  • GI Allott. He scored 0 runs per 101 minutes in a match against South Africa.
  • Nawab of Pataudi jr. He scored 5 runs per 102 minutes against England.
  • Damien Martyn scored 6 runs per 106 minute against South Africa.
  • G Miller scored 7 runs per 123 minutes against Australia
  • RK Chauhan scored 9 runs per 132 minutes against Sri Lanka

Longest individual innings played by cricket players by minutes in test cricket

  • Hanif Mohammad of Pakistan cricket team played for 970 minutes
  • Gary Kirsten of South African cricket team played for 878 minutes
  • Sanath Jayasuriya of Sri Lankan cricket team played for 799 minutes
  • L Hutton of England cricket team played for 797 minutes
  • Hashim Amla of South African cricket team played for 790 minutes

Longest individual innings by balls played by cricket layers in test cricket

  • L Hutton faced 847 balls
  • GM Turner of New Zealand cricket team faced 759 balls
  • RB Simpson of Australian cricket team faced 740 balls
  • SG Barnes faced 667 balls
  • Gary Kirsten faced 642 balls

Longest individual innings by balls in One Day international cricket

  • GM Turner faced 201 balls
  • Mohsin Khan of Pakistan faced 176 balls
  • Sunil Gavaskar of Indian cricket team faced 174 balls
  • Gordon Greenidge of West Indies faced 173 balls
  • CWJ Athey of English cricket team faced 172 balls

Longest individual innings by balls in T20 cricket

  • Guptill of New Zealand cricket eam faced 69 balls
  • AD Hales of England faced 68 balls
  • Chris Gale faced 66 balls
  • Mahela Jayawardene faced 64 balls
  • H Masakadza faced 63 balls

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