And the match went on and on and on…. John Isner, an American tennis player, and Nicolas Mahut from Germany entered a historical record when they played the longest tennis match ever in the history, at the event of Wimbledon 2010.

The game went on for 11 hours and 5 minutes and over three days where the American player won by 70-68 in the fifth and final set of the match. At some point, it seemed more like a war between Batman and Superman!

They not only set their unique record but also shattered all kinds of records in the context of the longest tennis match. Isner and Mahut established a record of six hours and 33 minutes in the fifth set of this game. This match, along with being the longest one, had the most number of games, 138 in one set, the most number of aces, and the most number of games in one match: 183. Incredible!

The players were left exhausted at day 1 and crippling around but they sure were determined to complete the match and they did.

The longest tennis match offered a massive rewrite of records when Isner and Mahut achieved landmark upon landmark in three days of epic combat. Congratulations Isner and Mahut!

You can find the statues of Isner and Mahut at the Wimbledon court as a recognition of such a marvelous tennis record.

Note: Just when Isner won the longest match, he lost in the second round in the shortest match which was completed in 75 minutes. Seems like fame is hailing over Isner in a very unique way!

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