The name Nemrah Ahmed is familiar to almost all Urdu novel lovers. Having written several well-acclaimed novels including Namal, Halim, and Jannat Ke Pattay – fans who loved those will not be disappointed with Maala. Not only does it deliver an interesting story so far but there are several similarities between the characters of this book and that of Nemrah’s previous books which the readers will find interesting as they see a reflection of their old favorite characters in this new book. 

Beginning and Story Building: 

Maala by Nemrah Ahmed starts by introducing us to Kaif who is a struggling entrepreneur and is in debt as many of his businesses have failed but he suddenly finds a solution to his money problems. A mysterious man named Mahir approaches him and agrees to help him with his business adventures and invest in them. However, Kaif has to become a bodyguard for a young girl named Kashmala. However, readers from the start can see that something is not right with Mahir and he does not have good intentions. Furthermore, the way his character is written is familiar to previously written negative characters by Nemrah Ahmed. 

The book from the beginning takes an interesting turn when Kashmala is properly brought into the story. The audience finds out Kashmala to be a clever girl who has been conned by her business partner who has sold her restaurant without consulting her. As the story progresses we also find out that Mahir does not want to protect Kashmala but in fact, plans to kill her. The first chapter alone is enough to readers hooked as they want the answers to several questions. Why does Mahir hate Kashmala? Why did Kaif agree to be Kashmala’s bodyguard? What will Kashmala do about her business? 

Fast Paced and Personal Reflection: 

One thing that readers agreed on while reading Maala was that by the release of the second chapter, you could tell that it will be a fast-paced novel. I saw how beautifully Nemrah Ahmed had managed to build mother-daughter relationships as well as the relationship between Kaif and Kashmala and you could see the chemistry between them from the very start.

Similarly, Nemrah’s writing style keeps the readers on the edge who are trying to figure out the story and are getting more and more intrigued as the questions raised in the first chapter are left unanswered and more questions keep on arising. However, more questions begin to arise and Nemrah brings in the element of fate and how in the end we just have to let go and believe that whatever will happen will be for the better and has already been written. Nemrah wants to give the message that when there is hope and tawakul then the good news is bound to come. 

Element of Black Magic: 

While we look at the writing style and techniques Nemrah uses, it is also important to focus on the storyline. The main plot focuses on black magic and how although many people do not believe in it, black magic can ruin the lives of many innocent people. Nemrah through detailed descriptions informs the readers on the rituals of black magic and just how real it is. Even if one does not believe in it, after reading Maala, everyone will be sure to recite their prayers to protect themselves from such instances. The descriptions are vivid and leave the readers scared of the possibility of black magic being real. She also introduced the concept of changelings which is different from the conventional narrative of black magic we usually hear. 

Final Verdict: 

Although Maala is not complete, it is one of Nemrah’s best works as it brings in a new storyline, and complex characters. The character development she does is undoubtedly beautiful. Each chapter leaves the readers wanting more and more. She also manages to keep the main storyline intact while also developing a romantic and sweet plot and giving a message that all problems seem to go away when one finds faith and is pious. The author’s attention to detail is also being praised online with Maala having a rating of 4.7/5 on Facebook and generally favorable reviews. Praising the thrilling and complex storyline, readers believe that this is one of Nemrah’s best works and you can see her writing style evolve. 

As the novel has not yet been fully published, readers are excited to see who will Kashmala choose. Will she go with Kaif or Ziyad or perhaps things will take an interesting turn and she will go for Mahir. The man who was portrayed as a villain but quickly won the hearts of the readers as his background story and caring nature along with his real motives are revealed. Moreover, how will the family finally be free of the curse of black magic and how will all these conflicts resolve? 

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