There are very few female tennis players who have an aggressive playing style. If you see a three-set game of women playing tennis, you will probably notice a rather steady game with shots being played for a long while which means there’s less chance that any ace will take place. Similarly, the service of mostly female players is not very aggressive, which leads to fewer aces during a match.

However, things start to change when it comes to the famous USA female tennis player Williams sisters who enthrall the opponents with their steaming fast serves and aces. USA tennis players Venus and Serena Williams are the leading ace scorers in the Australian Open by far.

Venus Williams also holds the record of most aces in a match at Wimbledon. In addition to these two names, famous female tennis player Jennifer Capriati is also the leading ace scorer of the Australian Open.

The last name in this list is the gorgeous and hottest female tennis player Gabriela Sabatini who, with her strong play style, was able to serve numerous aces in the Australian Open.

As the overall game pace has slowed down due to player preference at playing from the baseline, the chances of ace have lowered. The game is relatively slower for women with lots of grunting presently.

The ace is the most exciting and beautiful serve played in tennis. Aces tend to remain unreturned because the opposing player does not touch the ball at all and therefore loses the point.

Aces are seen on the first serve of a play as a tennis player can use full strength while serving, hence leading to an accurate ace. In the current tennis game, players now prefer playing from the baseline which means fewer aces, volleys, and drop shots.

This has significantly decreased the aces as there are big winners. In addition to this, you get to see longer rallies with very few aces. However, the history is full of ace records as tennis great names Sampras, Agassi and many more have won their games based on their aces.

Greatest tennis player Goran Ivanisevic is famous for 1,477 maximum aces in the entire tennis season of 1996. After him, famous male tennis player Ivo Karlovic was leading until John Isner made his way with the record of 112 aces during the longest match in tennis history. This record was set in Wimbledon.

However, the top ten leading male ace scorers of the Australian Open are:

1) Joachim Johansson (51 aces )

2) Gilles Muller (47 aces)

3) Chris Guccione (45 aces)

4) Andy Roddick (42 aces)

5) Bryan Shelton (40 aces)

6) Goran Ivanisevic (39 aces)

7) Roger Federer (39 aces)

8) Feliciano Lopez (39 aces)

9) Pete Sampras (37 aces)

10) Julien Boutter (37 aces)

Among these names, hottest male tennis player Andy Roddick holds the record of serving the fastest ace as well. These players have entertained tennis fans with the fastest and most beautiful aces.

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