World Cup Cricket is the most prestigious and important event in the sport of Cricket. Every team plays its heart out to win the cup. Though every fielder is important in the team, no one can deny the importance of wicket keeper in the world cup innings.

To stump out a batsman in a World Cup match is always a treat for a wicketkeeper as he is the sole member of the team who does World Cup innings for his country. A wicketkeeper’s expertise and excellent reflexes to any ball coming towards his gloves enables him to go for stumping if he sees a batsman out of the batting crease.

Cricket World Cup has seen very less stumpings, however; the award for most stumps in cricket World Cup goes to India’s Kiran More who has stumped out 2 batsmen in a single inning. Although Kenyan wicketkeeper KO Otieno has done it twice as well, but he did it in two innings.

Following is the list of wicketkeepers with most stumps in world cup tournaments.

KS MoreIndia421
KO OtienoKenya422
JC AdamsWest Indies511
Rashid LatifPakistan512
NR MongiaIndia511
Wasim BariPakistan411
KC SangakkaraSri Lanka412
KO OtienoKenya411
KC SangakkaraSri Lanka411
Kamran AkmalPakistan411

No one can deny the importance of an efficient wicket keeper for a cricket team. When Australia has led the world of Cricket as an invincible team, no one can deny the brilliant role played by the brilliant keeper Adam Gilchrist.

When a fast bowler has a great understanding with the keeper, the pair can plan a combination of short pitch, yorkers, bouncers, in swingers and out swingers to confuse the batsman and eventually get the wicket. When it’s between a spin bowler and a keeper, the quality of keeping and good planning can help in trapping the batsman leg before or by stumping the batsman.

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