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Online/Internet Marketing: 4 Changing Trends in Pakistan.

Among more than 200 countries in the world, Pakistan’s economy is currently ranked in the 40s range. Studies and research have identified that, by the time 2050 rolls, it will likely be ranked in the top 20. Such is the growing power and prospect that this huge region, both in size and in resources, has.

The country has successfully transitioned from old, traditional marketing schemes to the digital world, and there are several reasons to explain that: Internet is now widely popular in the nation, and more and more people have access to online content every day.

Some of the clearest changing trends in the online / marketing universe in Pakistan are:

Internet users are growing rapidly in Pakistan: The access to 3G and LTE was granted in recent years to the country, and around 30 million people now have access to Internet. The current trend is that, by 2019, this number will surely approach (and possibly surpass) 60 million people.

If more people have access to the online world in Pakistan, marketers and companies’ campaigns will be more effective and this will be reflected in sales and potential customers converted into regular buyers.

Mobile devices are experiencing a spike in use in Pakistan:

Low costs and popularity of smartphones have made them very easy to acquire, and their features and connectivity make them very popular among Pakistani people, who is taking advantage and consuming marketing campaigns and purchasing products or items via e-commerce. Although a late entrant to this world, Pakistan represents a huge, growing business for online and digital commerce.

E-commerce success in Pakistan is here to stay:

The combination of the Internet usage, the fact that more than 70% of Pakistani people have access to mobile devices and some acquisition power have made the nation a surging one when it comes to e-commerce. The trend dictates that the percentage of people shopping online has increased considerably in the last couple of years.

Online payment is fighting for share in the e-commerce world

One of the reasons that e-commerce has been so successful in Pakistan is that payment is easy to perform. Branchless banking is taking some of the marketing and sales share from the more traditional cash on delivery payment methods. Telenor’s Easy Paisa, Zong and Askari Bank’s Timepey and Mobilink’s Mobicash are some examples of this. The buyer is now feeling more confident and secure while making these transactions and paying for items and goods online.

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