writing paragraph

A paragraph is a bunch of ideas surrounding a central theme. It consists of a number of sentences that explains a main idea. Paragraph has three main parts in it; the beginning sentence, body sentence and ending statement. The beginning sentence introduces the reader to the paragraph. The other sentences support the central idea of the passage. It is done through including examples and other specific details. Such sentences are known as body sentences of the passage. In addition, the last sentence that sums up the paragraph body is called concluding sentence.

In order to write a paragraph effectively, you must take care of few things. Make sure that you convey only one central idea in each paragraph. The passage should not contain less than five sentences. It must be complete in all respects and provide information in a comprehensive manner. Hence, the paragraph should not seem infertile or insufficient.

Writing a paragraph is, after sentence composition, the most basic step in writing. Paragraphs, like sentences, can ask questions, command actions or state facts. They will lead with an introductory sentence, especially if the paragraph is intended to stand-alone and is not part of a larger work.

The body of the paragraph will back up, modify or explain that introduction. The number of sentences needed to fill the body of the paragraph will vary depending on the complexity of the subject matter. The final sentence will in most instances, be a summarization of the introduction or one that segues into the next topic or paragraph. Paragraph writing consists of compiling a group of sentences that relate to one another with regard to the subject.

Paragraphs can be as short as three sentences or fill an entire page. Bad paragraphs are the ones that try to cover too much disparate material, and often end up confusing to the reader. The writer’s ability to separate similar ideas that encompass a different aspect of the subject matter into concise paragraphs is vital. A solidly constructed paragraph, where good transitional phrasing and grammar are used, conveys a solid idea or thought well. Paragraph writing should be fine tuned and honed by all writers, since it is a vital building block for nearly all written work.

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