Popular Pakistani Scriptwriter, Novelist, Author: Umera Ahmad.

Born on 10th December 1976 in the thriving city of Sialkot, Umera Ahmad has turned into one the most well read and famous drama writer and novelist of the Urdu entertainment media. She is one of the biggest names when it comes to Urdu fictional writing. She received her masters in literature from Murray College in Sialkot and started teaching as an English teacher before deciding that her permanent profession would be script writing. Therefore she gave up teaching and focused on her favorite line of work. Initially she wrote compilation of short stories that were printed in Urdu digests. Some of them were later published as books. “Peere Kaamil” was the novel that brought this talented lady into the spotlight. Hence began the career of a woman who was bound to end up as one of Pakistan’s most revered and respected writer.

Umera, blessed with immense talent quickly made her way to fame and fortune with novels like “Lahasil”, “Darbar-e-Dil”, “Meri zaat-e-Zarrae Benishaan”, “Daam” and “Sauda” and “thora sa Aasman”. Many of her novels and stories have been used by subsequent television channels as drama serials. In fact, she received the best writer award for “Meri Zaat Zarrae Benishan” in the Lux Style Awards. Movies written by Umera include “Behaad”, “Mutthi Bhar Mitti”, “Ek Thi Marium” and “Laal” Her stories have a realistic and friendly atmosphere that draws the whole family together. Her stories are based on the real life problems of the common people, giving people a chance to relate. Her stories also highlight the social, economic, spiritual issues and she blends them realistically with basic human emotions like love, friendship, betrayal, loneliness etc. Like fairy tales, her stories not only entertain but leave the audience guessing the moral of the story. It is therefore no doubt that she has received numerous awards and it is only inevitable that she will add to her already glowing list of accolades.

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