The United States of America has always provided the world with powerhouse performances in every sport imaginable, be it football, tennis, rugby, or any else. Tracy Austin is one of the power house of Tennis.

One of its most celebrated athletes has been Tracy Austin, an exceptionally gifted tennis player who enthralled audiences and fans all over the world with her perfection and class over much of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

She has to her name the accomplishment of being the world’s number 1 female tennis player during the 1980s, a feat she truly deserved owing to her impeccable display of tennis and her strong and consistent stamina.

1979 and 1981 provided this star athlete with several reasons to rejoice as she claimed the US Open in both years, not only acting as a testimony to her class but also playing a pivotal role in securing her the World Number 1 position.

She also managed to secure another title in 1980, when Wimbledon provided her with the mixed doubles title as another accolade she could add to her already huge basket of acknowledgments and achievements.

The latter of her career fell prey to serious injuries, forcing her to stage an early retirement in 1994. While it was a sad day for her fans and for all those who used to follow her matches, nonetheless she is remembered to this day as one of the greatest players that set foot in the galore of tennis.

Following her departure from the tennis courts, she continued her involvement in tennis as a commentator for NBC and the USA Network, a strong testimony to her commitment to the game and love for what it stands for.

The United States of America has kept on providing the world with several tennis legends over the past few decades, but the fact that old players like Tracy Austin continue to be remembered speaks volumes about her as an athlete.

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