Aqeel Khan is the current No. 1 tennis player of Pakistan. He is the National Champion in tennis. He was born on 30th January, 1980 in Karachi. His father and younger brothers are also tennis players.

Aqeel was coached by his father Jamil Khan. He started playing tennis at the age of 9 while he was attending school in Karachi. Aqeel khan’s early association with tennis courts was as a ball boy; Aqeel hated being a ball boy and turned to playing tennis. After years of practice, Aqeel emerged as a tennis player with excellent serve, powerful backhand and forehand. He is a right-handed player.

Aqeel together with Aisam Qureshi another Pakistani top player featured in many Davis Cup tournaments. Aqwwl played his first Davis Cup Match in Islamabad in 1998 and beat Sanjeev Tikaram.

Aqeel Khan has been involved in many ties for Pakistan in Davis Cup including the longest tiebreak which lasted 36 points. The Aqeel-Aisam duo has won many matches for Pakistan with the Davis Cup being on the top of the list. Aqeel and Aisam also won the gold medal in the 2005 Islamic Solidarity Games held in Saudi Arabia.

Aqeel Khan is a brilliant player but the lack of resources has restricted his growth as an international player. Aqeel Khan has been playing for Pakistan in Davis cup for past few years now. In many years, he has proved his mettle and has beaten his opponents convincingly, resulting in advancement of Pakistan in Davis cup tennis contest.

Aqeel Khan can grow into an international level player if proper resources are provided to him. In 2011, Aqeel Khan coached Sri Lanka for their Group III matched who won every match and gained promotion to Group II for 2012.

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