Azam Khan was the second squash player from Pakistan to have won the British Open Title. Azam is the younger brother of squash maestro Hashim Khan who laid the foundation of the Khan dynasty.

Azam Khan worked as a tennis coach for the PAF. After Hashim won the British Open Championship in 1951, he asked Azam to join squash in 1952; Azam was then 26. Azam became Hashim’s practice partner and two years later faced Hashim in the finals of the British Open.

Although Azam lost the final, he had made his presence felt in the squash circuit. Azam was again beaten by Hashim in 1955 and 1958 and finally became the British Open champion in 1959; the title remained with him for four consecutive years from 1959-1962.

The final of 1960 remains the shortest final in the history of squash. It took Azam only 19 minutes to annihilate compatriot Roshan Khan in straight sets 9-1, 9-0, 9-0.

The spectators were left confused and suspected foul play. In 1962, Azam won many other titles including the US Open championship. The same year Azam called it a day when he ruptured an Achilles tendon.

Azam was then offered a coaching job in the New Grampian Club in London which he accepted and settled in London. Azam later bought the club on installments. His club produced many champions of the game of squash such as Jonah Barrington.

The Pakistani player Qamar Zaman was also trained by Azam; Qamar also won the prestigious title. Mike Oddy and Mohibullah Jr. are some other outstanding players whom Azam coached.

Azam Khan was a master stroke player and a strategist people claim that the finals he lost to elder brother Hashim were more out of respect. He passed away on 28th March, 2020. He is known as the Pride of Pakistan.

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