Nazar Mohammad was one of those cricketers who formed the first ever cricket team of Pakistan. He was born on 5th March, 1921 in Lahore, British India.

Nazar Mohammad opened the innings for Pakistan and was the first Pakistani batsman to score a century and the first player to remain on the ground for an entire Test match.

Nazar Mohammad was a cricket prodigy, still a school student, he displayed great potential and by the time he reached college, he had established himself as an indispensable opening batsman. He was also an agile fielder in the gully area.

Before the creation of Pakistan, Nazar Mohammad participated in many prestigious championships such as the Ranji Trophy, the Bombay Pentangular etc. The Bombay Pentangular was played between the various communities of India; Nazar Mohammad represented the Muslims and also played a vital role in their victory with his sensational century.

Nazar had become a vital team member and displayed his batting prowess against foreign teams including the invincible West Indies. Finally Pakistan was granted Test Status in 1952 and the first country it visited was India.

He faced the first ball in the test played at Delhi. In the second test, Nazar scored a century becoming the first centurion for Pakistan, carried his bat and remained on the field throughout the test. Pakistan won this test but lost the series 2-1. He played in a total of five Tests.

The illustrious career of Nazar came to a tragic end when he broke his arm. His son Mudassar Nazar carried on his legacy. Nazar Mohammad later served Pakistan Cricket as a selector, coach and was also famous for his commentary. He passed away on 12th July, 1996 in Lahore at the age of 75.

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