Samiullah Khan is a legendary hockey player from Pakistan. He was born on 6th September, 1951 in Bahawalpur. He played as a left winger and was famous for his speed, stamina and his crosses which often resulted in goals.

He is a former and veteran player of Olympic Games. His brother, Kaleemullah Khan, also played for National Hockey Team of Pakistan.

Known as the “Flying Horse”, Samiullah showed incredible agility on the hockey field and could tear through the opponent’s defense with ease. Samiullah played in 151 tournaments.

On top of Samiullah’s impressive record are the silver medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, gold medal in Bangkok Asian Games in 1978, gold medal in the Asia Cup held in Karachi and gold in the New Delhi Asian Games. The latter two were played under his captaincy.

Samiullah retired from hockey in 2005 and served as the manager of the junior team.

Samiullah’s brother Kalimullah was a right winger and both brothers formed a menacing attacking line. Samiullah Khan till date is considered as one of the best hockey players in Pakistan. He has won a total of five gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal.

Samiullah Khan has been associated with hockey in Pakistan in one way or the other even after his retirement from international hockey. He is considered as a legend of his field. Many of Pakistan’s victories in the time when Samiullah Khan was a part of the team came through his brilliant performance.

He is considered a legend in his own right in the world of Hockey. He was awarded with Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan for his contributions to Pakistan hockey in 1983. He was also awarded with Sitara-i-Imtiaz Award by the President of Pakistan in 2014. He is known as Pride of Pakistan.

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