President Asif Ali Zardari appointed the female gold medalists of the SAF Games as “Sports Ambassadors”. Pakistan’s sprinter Nasim Hamid became the fastest woman of South Asia as she raced past the finish line.

She covered the 100 meter distance in just 11.81 seconds beating the hot favorites on the way. Born in Karachi on 1st May, 1988, the 32 year old sprinter comes from a humble background.

Nasim Hamid resides in Orangi Town; a slum area of the mega city Karachi. Nasim’s success shows that a person’s determination can take him/her to the top. And that nothing is unattainable if you believe in yourself and make an effort.

Nasim is the first female athlete from Pakistan to win the gold in SAF Games’ 26 year old history. The other lady to bag the gold was Sara Nasir. She got the top medal for karate. She is also the first lady to win gold for Pakistan in this category.

In July 2010, Mobilink added Nasim to its panel of brand ambassadors. A telefilm directed by Yasir Nawaz “Bhaag Amina Bhaag” was based upon the life story of Nasim Hamid. The role of Nasim was played by Aamina Sheikh.

Both the gold medalists were awarded Rs 10 Million by the President in a simple ceremony in Islamabad. Appointing them as “sports’ ambassador” the President asked the concerned authorities to formulate a policy for better coaching and training of outstanding athletes abroad.

The President showered lavish praise on the two achievers who brought good name to a country known more for terrorism, poverty and corruption. The ladies in return were grateful for the love and support the people of Pakistan showed. She has also been awarded with Pride of Performance Award by the Government of Pakistan.

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