Samuel Groth a 24 years old Australian player, who ranked 340 in all worlds by hitting the record of fastest tennis, serves with 163mph (263 km/hr) at the ATP Challenger Tour Event next to Belarusian Uladzimir Ignatik held in Busan, South Korea, in 2012.

Croatia Ivo Karlovic was the tennis player of 2011 who made the record of 156mph against the Germany Davis Cup. But this time in 2012, Samuel Groth is the professional tennis player who broke the record of Croatia Ivo Karlovic.

Rules for Men and Women Serves:

The best one serve is always recorded among the best serves of one player. But if one player has many serves record at the same speed then the oldest record serves is a record at the top of the list.

For men’s serves is recorded at Men’s serves must be recorded at 140 mph 225km/hr for min standard speed.

For Women’s min standard speed, serves is recorded at 124 mph (200km/h) or more.

Top Ten Men Tennis Player‘s List who made the record of fastest Serve:

AustraliaSameul GrothBusan Open-2012 Challenger Tennis163.4 mph (263 km/h)
CroatiaIvo KarlovicDavisCup-2011156 mph (251 km/h)
CanadaMilosRoanicRogersCup-2012155.3 mph (250 km/h)
USAAndy RoddickDavisCup-2004155 mph (249 km/h)
USARoscoe TannerPalm SpringsFinal-1978153 mph (246 km/h)
SwedenJoachim JohanssonDavisCup-2004152 mph (245 km/h)
SpainFelicianoLopezToronto-2008150.4 mph (242 km/h)
PolandJerzy JanowiczParis-2012150.4 mph (242 km/h)
USAJohn IsnerWestern & Southern Open-2011149.9 mph (241 km/h)
USATaylor DentRotterdam-2006149.8 mph (241 km/h)
LatviaEarnest GulbisSt. PetersburgOpen-2007149.3 mph (240 km/h)

Top Ten Women Tennis Player‘s List who made the record of fastest hit:

GermanySabine LisickiBusan Open-2012 Challenger Tennis163.4 mph (263 km/h)
NetherlandsBrenda Schultz-McCarthyDavisCup-2011156 mph (251 km/h)
USAVenus WilliamsRogersCup-2012155.3 mph (250 km/h)
USASerena WilliamsDavisCup-2004155 mph (249 km/h)
GermanyAnna-Lena GrönefeldPalm SpringsFinal-1978153 mph (246 km/h)
GermanyJulia GörgesDavisCup-2004152 mph (245 km/h)
GermanySabine LisickiToronto-2008150.4 mph (242 km/h)
SerbiaAna IvanovićParis-2012150.4 mph (242 km/h)
FramceKristina MladenovicWestern & Southern Open-2011149.9 mph (241 km/h)

Most Aces in Tennis:

A legal serve that receiver doesn’t touch is called Ace. The Player’s first server is ace. He can hit the ball with his/her maximum strength. He can get many chances with ball position, i.e. commonly positioned in the services box corners which are very far from the player. Ace is placed usually as a service of hard flat serve which might be in the mid or corner of the service box.

Men‘s Aces Record:

Goran Ivanisevic holds the most aces record of 1477 in the year 1996. The most aces were hit in 2001 Wimbledon, by Goran Ivanisevic.

John Isner hit 113 aces in Wimbledon 2010 first round, his opponent was Nicolas who hit 103 aces, this match is the longest tennis match regarding the time and games. In Davis Cup, Ivo Karolin hit 78 aces and ranked as 3rd, in Sept 2009. In 2012, Samuel Groth hit a record of fastest serve on record at 163.4 mph (263 kph). In 2007, Sam Querrey made10 successive aces in Indianapolis Tennis Championships.

Men’ most aces in a singles match Top 5:

1John IsnerWimbledon-20101131RWUSA
2Nicolas MahutWimbledon-20101031RLFrance
3Ivo KarlovićDavisCup-200978SFLCroatia
4Ivo KarlovićRoland Garros-2009551RLCroatia
5Gary MullerWimbledon-200554qWSouth Africa

Women’s most aces in a singles match:

Serena Williams who, at the 2012 Wimbledon Championships, hit the record of most 24 aces in singles and 2008.

1Serena WilliamsWimbledon-201224SFWUSA
2Kaia KanepiTokyo-2008241RWEstonia
3Serena WilliamsWimbledon-2012233RWUSA
4TAlicia MolikTokyo-200722QFLAustralia
4TBrenda SchultzBirmingham-199422QFWNetherlands

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