Florenta Mihai

Florenta Mihai was born on 2nd September 1955 in Romania. Her career records two Grand Slam runner-up positions, one in the singles finals of the French Open in 1977 which she lost to Mima Jausovec, and the Mixed doubles Final in the French Open 1977 again partnered with Ivan Molina, which she lost to John McEnroe and Mary Carillo.

Mihai’s Grand Slam record was not very touching. She never competed in any Australian Open event throughout her career, She played in the Us Open three times in which she was out in the first round in 1976, the second round in 1979, and reached as far as the third round in 1977.

Her Wimbledon record is also not very impressive with her reaching the first round only in 1976, 1978, and 1980. She managed to reach the second round in the Wimbledon in 1977.

Her French Open record is a little impressive as she reached the first round in 1975 and 1978 and managed to reach the semifinals in 1976. However, the main victory came in 1977 when she reached the French Open singles finals.

It is an idea that Mihai enjoyed playing on the clay courts of the French Open which is the main reason for her success in the only Grand Slam event. She has also reached the Finals of the Mixed Doubles match on the clay courts of the French Open as well in 1977 where she was paired with her Colombian partner.

Sharon Walsh

Sharon Walsh known to be Sharon Walsh Arnold by birth was born on the 24th of February in the year 1952. Her place of birth was San Francisco, California. The tennis player started her professional career on behalf of the United States and has attended many tournaments and championships in her entire career.

Sharon Walsh’s tennis career was long and she followed it with modern standards. Her first match at the Grand Slam singles tournament took place in the year 1969 and she ended with the doubles tournament in the Grand Slam Championship in the year 1990.

The Australian Open held in 1979 marked Sharon Walsh to be the finalist, however; she lost the match against Barbara Jordan. The US Open held in the year 1981 took her to the fourth round as well as in the final match of the doubles titles in the same year when partnered with Barbara Potter.

Although Sharon Walsh never attended the singles title in the WTA tour, however, she has a good record of defeating many top players which includes Hana Mandlikova twice the time they met as opponents in the tennis courts.

The tennis player managed to achieve her career-high singles in the year 1984 and was ranked to be in the 29th position. All in all, the professional player was more famous for her doubles play in which she won about 30 titles on an overall basis. Her tennis career was well maintained even though it lasted for a long time.

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