We all know SEO is the most effective way of getting traffic and leads to the website. If your website is not appearing in top search results, it can be a worrying thing for you as a website owner.

It is time to look for an SEO consultant or expert to help you in getting found in top search results on major search engines. Even your good content can only work if it has proper SEO.

But selecting right SEO consultant for your website can be daunting task as there are many SEO professionals out there in the market.

Here are our top five tips which can help you to select the right SEO consultant or expert.

  • Check their Reviews /Client’s List

Our top tip is to ask them for the previous client’s reviews/testimonials and maybe for couple of references as well to check what opinion their previous clients have about them. A top SEO consultant or expert should not be hesitant to share such information as they would have a long list of happy clients.

  • Ask for their relevant experience

It is a risky business to hire an experienced SEO professional due to the nature of dynamic nature of online marketing in general and SEO in particular. An SEO consultant should have at least 3 years of experience. The more, the better. Also, he should be well aware of current search engines trends and updates.

SEO consultants are very good at conducting keyword research, competitor’s analysis, understanding analytics, checking site structure, content and tags tweaking and adjustment along with increasing presence of the website on the internet strategically.

  • How would they measure success

An experienced SEO consultant or expert should have clear understanding of how they are going to measure SEO success. Usually best things to measure are increase in sales/leads through organic and user engagement on the website rather than mere rankings for hardly-searched keywords.

  • How often they communicate

Communication is important to know where the things are heading. A top SEO consultant or expert should be approachable on any day. He should respond to your messages clearly within 24 hours in normal circumstances–other than regular updates and reports.

  • Will they give durable results

A must-have trait of a top SEO consultant is to foresee the future. So he should be able to give you durable results once he is done with his SEO.

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