writing short story

Short story writing can be thought of as a writing piece that narrates a story of few characters. It is meant to explain a certain point of view in a limited space. As the name indicates, the short story piece is really short piece that is more mood-oriented than focused on the plot. It is thus different from novel in terms of length and nature.

In order to write a short story worth-reading, the short story writer has to be careful about few things. Firstly, it is really important for the freelancer writer to have the habit of reading short stories. By reading good books and short stories, the writer can get an idea of how to develop a short story. Secondly, you need to have something worth-while to say to the readers. If you have been thinking about some message to convey to others, this is the best time to write a short story.

Writers often compose their first short story in grammar school. In the same token, many prominent novelists began their distinguished careers as the writers of short stories. Short story writing is not child’s play. Usually fictitious, the story can range from as short as two hundred and fifty words, up to ten to fifteen thousand, depending on the publisher’s criteria. Since brevity is of the essence in most instances, the writer will need to convey the tale in concise, compelling sentences.

Think of short story writing as building with a small stack of lumber. You can’t construct a mansion, but you must make each piece of lumber count if you’re going to keep out the rain. It is, for many writers, more challenging to keep the word count down than to wax eloquent with excessive verbiage. The storyline must be followed. The introduction, body of the story and the conclusion are still vital. But the writer will need to fill in these blanks with the fewest possible words that will enable the reader to not only follow the tale, but enjoy it, as well.

Short story writing requires searching out the most efficient words to complete each sentence or phrase. This allows the writer to make maximum impact with minimal wording, which is, in essence, what short story writing is all about.

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