The Cannes Film Festival ranks among the most celebrated and oldest film festivals of the human race. The festival takes place every year in Cannes – a beautiful city of France. The purpose of the Cannes film festival (le Festival de Cannes) is to preview all types of latest movies along with documentary films that belong to different countries of the world.

The Cannes Film festival is one of the film festivals which soon achieved recognition and reputation worldwide within few years of its inaugural. The history of the festival says that the festival was created on the proposal of Jean Zay, who was the minister for education and fine arts of that time. He was eager to set up an international event in the country to rival the Venice film festival.

The first version of the Cannes film festival was originally decided to have taken place in Cannes in the year of 1939 under the administration of Louis Lumière, though; it could not until the war ended.

Soon after, it was held on 20th September, 1946 and subsequently took place by September every year except 1948 and 1950. Later it started taking place in May instead September from 1952 to date.

Since the first few versions of festival portrayed it as a social happening from which approximately every film got an award. Delbert Mann’s Marty was honored with an award for the first time in the Cannes Film festival.

The festival also witnessed the presence of film celebrities from around the world on the red carpet of Cannes film festival and rising media coverage that altogether made the Cannes film festival highly reputable with international standard.

In the period of 1960s, two self-sufficient selections were formed equivalent to the Official Selection. Among them, the Semaine Internationale de la Critique was shaped in 1962 whereas the Directors’ Fortnight was originated in 1969.

Earlier than 1972, selected movies for the festival were chosen by their country of foundation, however, later in 1972, the festival started selecting the movies for itself.

In 2010, the Cannes Film Festival started Cannes Short film to carry two individuals as one in a complementary dynamic in an effort to present an all-inclusive view of short film making globally, and to encourage the creativeness of short film performers.

The Cannes film festival believes in the reality that a film’s victory along with its director’s status depends on how it is acknowledged in cinemas, so it takes step to enhance the way it reaches movie fans.

Accordingly, the film that is released in French cinema on the same date as it is showing at the festival and the inaugural ceremony has been put on air in cinemas enables viewers to enjoy the Festival open night live.

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