Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF)

The development and governing of Squash is done by the Pakistan Squash Federation. It is associated with the WSF World Squash Federation and ASF Asian Squash Federation.

PresidentRao Qamar Suleman (Air Chief)
General SecretaryAbdul Wahab Marwar (Wing Cdr)
Most famous playersHashim Khan, Jahangir Khan, Jansher Khan

The Khan Family in Squash

Pakistan has proudly made great success in Squash within and outside the country since 1950. Hashim Khan was the first player who put Pakistan’s name on the top list of world squash players. He had great grip on his game with his wisdom and speed. He ruled the world of Squash for almost three decades.

The talent he had is still travelling in his family generation after generation. The great names in squash like Azam Khan was his brother, Roshan Khan his cousin and Sharif Khan his son, Mohib ul Allah, Qamar Zaman and Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan his nephews have conquered the Squash world for decades.


World Open (Individual)Jahangir Khan1981Gold Medal
World Open (Individual)Jahangir Khan1982Gold Medal
World Open (Individual)Jahangir Khan1983Gold Medal
World Open (Individual)Jahangir Khan1984Gold Medal
World Open (Individual)Jahangir Khan1985Gold Medal
World Open (Individual)Jahangir Khan1988Gold Medal
World Open (Individual)Jansher Khan1987Gold Medal
World Open (Individual)Jansher Khan1989Gold Medal
World Open (Individual)Jansher Khan1990Gold Medal
World Open (Individual)Jansher Khan1992Gold Medal
World Open (Individual)Jansher Khan1993Gold Medal
World Open (Individual)Jansher Khan1994Gold Medal
World Open (Individual)Jansher Khan1995Gold Medal
World Open (Individual)Jansher Khan1996Gold Medal
10th South Asian Federation Games(Srilanka)Mansoor Zaman2006Gold Medal
10th South Asian Federation Games(Srilanka)Amir Atlas2006Silver Medal
11th South Asian Federation Games(Bangladesh)Amir Atlas2011Gold Medal
World Junior Squash ChampionshipFarhan Mehboob2011Silver Medal

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