Who hasn’t loved Steffi Graf?

USA tennis player, Steffi Graff has not enjoyed the continuous string of tremendous successes at Wimbledon that some other best female tennis players were as fortunate as to find. Still, in 1988, she managed a feat that might make a few of those others a bit envious.

Almost every female tennis fan admires Steffi’s fabulous play and every man dreams of owning the ravishing Steffi with absolute tennis skills. Steffi Graf started playing tennis when she was just three years old and from then on she has become unstoppable.

She may be considered the best woman tennis player ever. Her talent transcends limits. She conquered the different courts as she played her way to glory. She continues to hold several records until now.

One of her outstanding feats was the four Grand Slams that she won not just twice or thrice but four times. She is the very first individual to achieve this. Not only that she was the only one to have ever won the Grand Slam on the four various court surfaces.

Her achievements also include four Grand Slam titles gained in two different decades. She did this twice in every decade. She also prevailed as the only individual tennis player to secure the Golden Grand Slam.

In terms of ranking, she was on the top spot for 377 weeks and so far that is the longest for any individual tennis player, male or female. Not only that, her reign as the top female tennis player for 186 weeks in a row has also clinched her another record which is yet to be surpassed. Her supremacy in the world of tennis is indeed legendary.

The 1988 Olympics offered Steffi Graff a “golden opportunity”. In Seoul, she defeated Sabatini again, 6-3, 6-3 in the Gold Medal match to take home an Olympic Gold Medal and to earn what has been referred to since as the “Golden Grand Slam”.

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