The Sundance Film Festival is held in Utah – a moderate city of the USA, to screen various new local (American) and international movies. Basically, the festival is a proud presentation of the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program and Sundance Documentary Fund who aims to identify, acknowledge and present the new work of independent filmmakers to the world.

The most important venues for showcasing these movies so far are Park City, Salt Lake City and the Sundance Resort, Utah where the screening of festival takes places every year in the month of January.

The Sundance film festival is acknowledged as one of the largest autonomous film festivals in the USA. The fiesta consists of competitive sections for American and international dramatic and documentaries.

It also includes feature-length movies as well as short movies, in addition to a collection of out of contest sections, together with NEXT, New Frontier, Spotlight, as well as Park City at Midnight.

In 2013, the splendid gala of Sundance film festival was started on January 17, 2013 and continued till January 27, 2013 with a record submission of 12, 146 movies.

As per the tradition of the festival, Park City, Utah was the shining venue for the Sundance film festival 2013 too where movies were showcased in Salt Lake City, Ogden and Sundance, Utah. There was about 1, 830 volunteers who assisted in arranging a successful gala of the year.

According to the sources, 429 more movies than the previous year’s gala were suggested for the competition of the Sundance film festival 2013. These films included 4,044 feature films out of which 119 were chosen.

103 films among 119 selected movies were having world premieres at the same time too. Besides, there was a submission of 8,102 short movies where 65 movies were chosen for the festival.

The Sundance film festival had a variety of movies that were represented by 32 origins and were from 51 filmmakers who worked for first time, whereas approx. 27 of which found their presentations in the competition.

The uniqueness of the Sundance film festival was getting half of the featured films made by female filmmakers and half by male filmmakers. According to the director of the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program and Sundance Documentary Fund, 40 documentaries at the Sundance film festival, 12 of them came through the Documentary Film Program, which actually arrived at this point in 2002.

A documentary on the subject of the rising of a basketball player Jeremy Lin was the most successful documentary film and was shown on January 20, 2013.

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