Nia Talita Long is a renowned actress of United States of America, known for her roles in movies “Buried Alive”, “Friday” and “The Best Men”. She was born on 30th October, 1970 in New York and started her career in 1986.

Career Highlights

Popular Hollywood actress Nia Long started her acting career in 1986, appearing in a TV series titled “227” and “The B.R.A.T Patrol”. She made her debut appearance in the movie titled “Buried Alive” in 1990 followed by a role in “Boyz n the Hood” released in 1991.

She played the role of Zara Matthews in “Made in America”, which earned her many leading roles in successful movies like “Soul Food”, “Boiler Room”, “Love Jones”, “Are We There Yet?” And “The Best Man”.

Nia continued to work on Television along with movies and appeared in TV series including “Guiding Lights” aired during 1991-93, “Living Single” in 1993 and “ER” in 1996. In 2007, she appeared in 3 episodes of “Boston Legal” and 13 episodes of “The Cleveland Show” during 2009-2010.

During her career, Nia Long appeared in a number of commercially successful movies like “Made in America” in 1993, Friday in 1995 and “Soul Food” in 1997. In 1998, she won critical acclaim for her role of Jordan Armstrong in the movie titled “The Best Man” and won Black Reel Award for best actress.

In 2001, she won the Black Reel nomination in the category for best actress for her movie titled “Boiler room”. In the same year she won Image Awards nomination for her role in “Big Momma’s House”.

Top Ten Movies of Nia Long:

⦁ Boyz n the Hood
⦁ Made in America
⦁ Friday
⦁ In Too Deep
⦁ The Best Man
⦁ The Secret Laughter of Women
⦁ Boiler Room
⦁ Big Momma’s House
⦁ Are We There Yet?
⦁ Big Momma’s House 2

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