Jeanne Marie Tripplehorn is a renowned TV and film actress of United States of America. She was born on 10th June, 1963 in Oklahoma State of U.S.A. She gained popularity for her roles in “Basic Instinct”, “The Firm” and “Waterworld”.

Career Highlights

Popular Hollywood actress Jeanne Tripplehorn started her acting career in 1992, appearing in a movie titled “Basic Instinct” along with Michael Douglas. The movie proved to be a huge commercial success and brought fame to Jeanne Tripplehorn as an actress.

After a successful start, Jeanne Tripplehorn earned another significant role opposite Tom Cruise in another successful movie titled “The Firm”. After an ideal start to her career, Jeanne Tripplehorn started to get regular, leading roles in various movies throughout the decade of 1990s.

In 1995, she appeared in the role of Helen in the movie titled “Waterworld” followed by another role in “Office Killer” in 1997 and “Monument Ave” in 1998.

Alongside movies, Jeanne Tripplehorn continued to appear on Television in different TV series and shows including “The Perfect Tribute”, “The Ben Stiller Show” and HBO series “The Big Love”, aired during 2006-2011.

Jeanne Tripplehorn had an ideal start to her acting career as she appeared in significant roles opposite one of the best leading actors of the time, Tom Cruise and Michael Douglas.

Her debut movie “Basic Instinct” proved to be a commercial hit and provided her the ideal start that she wanted. Her career got another major breakthrough in 2006, when she appeared in the leading role of Barbara Henrickson in HBO drama “Big Love”.

Top Ten Movies of Jeanne Tripplehorn:

⦁ Basic Instinct
⦁ The Firm
⦁ Waterworld
⦁ Til There Was You
⦁ Office Killer
⦁ Sliding Doors
⦁ Very Bad Things
⦁ Paranoid
⦁ Swept Away
⦁ Fragments

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