Longest Tennis Games:

The longest tennis games were introduced because of the tie break. The tiebreak was used only by US Open tournaments and other tennis in Grand Slams. The Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open made the rules of advantage in which the players have to play many games until the match is not won by one player. And this match becomes the longest tennis match regarding the games and time.

Men’s longest tennis matches:

■ 3 days match played by Mahut and Isner 

Wimbledon, in 2010. Its time was 11 hrs and 5 min. The score was 6–4, 7–6, 6–7, 3–6, 70-68 respectively.

■ 2 days match played between Fabrice Santoro (France) and Arnaud Clement (France) at French Open, in 2004. Its time was 6 hrs and 33 minutes. The score was 6–4, 6–3, 6–7, 3–6, 16–14.

■ 1 days match played between John McEnroe (USA) and Mats Wilander (Sweden) at Davis Cup, in 1982. Its time was 6 hrs and 22 minutes. The score was 9–7, 6–2,15–17, 3–6, 8–6.

■ 1 days match played between Boris Becker 

(Germany) and John McEnroe (USA) at Davis Cup, in 1987. Its time was 6 hrs and 21 minutes. The score was 4–6, 15–13, 8–10, 6–2, 6–2.

■ 1 days match played between John Horst Skoff (Austria) and Mats Wilander (Sweden) at Davis Cup, in 1989. Its time was 6 hrs and 4 minutes. The score was 6–7, 7–6, 1–6, 6–4, 9–7

Australian Open Men’s longest match 2012 (By Time) :

It was the final match and it took 5 hrs and 53 min. The match was played between Novak Djokovic (Serbia) and Rafael Nadal (Spain) with the scores 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 65 -77and 7-5.

Australian Open Men’s longest match 1927 (By Game):

The match was played between Gerald Patterson (Australia) and John Hawkes (Australia) with 71 games. The respective scores were 3-6, 6-4, 3-6, 18 -16, and 6-3.

Australian Open Men’s longest match 2003 (By Game):

The match was played between American Tennis star Roddick and Morrocan El Aynaoui with 83 games. The fifth set went up to the score of 21-19.

Women Tennis:

In, 1984, The longest women’s game was held in Virginia and played between, when Vicki Nelson and Jean Hepner with respective scores of 6–4, 7–6. It took the time of 6 hrs and 31 minutes. This match was completed in one day only and therefore, it is known as the longest tennis match in history compare to the Men’ longest match which was (between Isner and Mahut) stopped 2 times because of darkness.

In 1995 at Wimbledon, this match was played between Chanda Rubin and Patricia Hy Boulais with 58 games. The scores of the match were 7–6(7–4), 17–15, and 6–7with 3 hrs and 45 minutes.

Women’s longest tennis matches 2011 (By Time)

The 4th round match took 4 hrs and 44 min. It was played between Francesca Schiavone (Italy) and Svetlana Kuznetsova (Russia) with scores of 6-4, 1-6, and 16-14.

Women’s longest tennis matches 1996 (By Game):

The match was played between Chanda Rubin (USA) and Arantxa Sanchez Vicario (Spain) with scores of 6-4, 2-6, and 16-14. It was played with 48 games.

Women’s longest tennis matches 1956 (By Game):

The match was played between Mary Carter Reitano (Australia) and Thelma Coyne Long (Australia) with scores of 3-6, 6-2, and 9-7. It was played with 33 games. Shortest Tennis Matches Regarding the time and games:

Men Best 5 Shortest Matches:

In the Open era, these matches are the best 5 men’s matches played with 18 games. These matches are the shortest tennis matches.

RoundWinner PlayersGrand SlamLoser Players
1st roundNikola Spear1968 French OpenDaniel Contet
2nd roundKarel Novacek1987 French OpenEduardo Bengoechea
1st roundStefan Edberg1987WimbledonStefan Eriksson
1st roundIvan Lendl1987US OpenBarry Moir
2nd roundSergi Bruguera1993 French OpenThierry Champion
2nd roundAndy Murray2011DavisCupLaurent Bram

The shortest matches in women’s games are many. Women tennis players played many shortest singles matches in the open era. The list is under here.

RoundWinner PlayerGrand SlamShortest MatchesLoser Player
1st roundMargaret Court1969Australian OpenJudith Gohn
1st roundKazuko Sawamatsu1969French OpenMonique Van Haver
3rd roundJulie Heldman1969French OpenRaquel Giscafre
1st roundHelga Hösl1970French OpenKatalin Borka
3rd roundBillie Jean King1970French OpenOdile De Roubin
3rd roundKaren Krantzcke1969WimbledonPam Teeguarden
2nd roundMargaret Court1970Australian OpenCaroline Langsford
2nd roundPeggy Michel1970WimbledonAlena Palmeova
2nd roundJudy Dalton1970WimbledonSusan Northen
1st roundPatricia Coleman1971Australian OpenHelen Taylor
1st roundJulie Heldman1971French OpenSharon Van Brandis
1st roundRosie Casals1971WimbledonRosy Darmon
2nd roundMargaret Court1971WimbledonLorraineRobinson
1st roundVlasta Vopickova1972French OpenMichele Gurdal
4th roundSerena Williams2012US OpenAndrea Hlavackova
2nd roundFlavia Pennetta2009US OpenSania Mirza
4th roundKateryna Bondarenko2009US OpenGisela Dulko
3rd roundEvonne Goolagong1975US OpenPeggy Michel
2nd roundCaroline Wozniacki2010US OpenChang Kai-chen
3rd roundMaria Sharapova2010US OpenBeatrice Capra
2nd roundMargaret Court1972US OpenBarbara Hawcroft
3rd roundEvonne Goolagong1974US OpenKatja Ebbinghaus
2nd roundMargaret Court1973Australian OpenNathalie Fuchs
1st roundWendy Turnbull1974Australian OpenBrenda Dale
2nd roundChris Evert1974Australian OpenKaterleen Szeman
2nd roundEvonne Goolagong1974Australian OpenMiki Yokobori
1st roundVirginia Wade1974WimbledonVeronica Burton
2nd roundWinnie Shaw1974WimbledonNerida Gregory
2nd roundMona Schallau1974WimbledonNathalie Fuchs
FinalSteffi Graf1988French OpenNatasha Zvereva
2nd roundMarina Kroschina1975French OpenLaurie Rowley
1st roundMarie Neumanova1974French OpenNicole Bimes
3rd roundMargaret Court1975WimbledonRenata Tomanova
1st RoundLindsay Davenport2005WimbledonJamea Jackson
1st RoundAmelie Mauresmo2006WimbledonIvana Abramović
1st RoundMartina Muller2007WimbledonAnna Smashnova
1st roundMaria Sharapova2012French OpenAlexandra Cadanțu
2nd roundVictoria Azarenka2008French OpenSorana Cîrstea
4th roundAna Ivanović2008French OpenPetraCetkovska
1st roundDinara Safina2009French OpenAnne Keothavong
1st roundMarion Bartoli2009WimbledonYung-Jan Chan
2nd roundVictoria Azarenka2009WimbledonIoana Raluca Olaru
2nd RoundKim Clijsters2004Australian OpenMaria Elena Camerin
1st roundKim Clijsters2011Australian OpenDinara Safina
1st roundMaría Jose2010Australian OpenEvgeniya Rodina
1st roundMarion Bartoli2011Australian OpenTathiana Garbin

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