Grand Slam Tennis tournaments help to calculate the tennis player’s success.

The table demonstrates the players’ success. The detail of Doubles (Women), Singles (Women), Singles (Men), Doubles (mixed), and Doubles (Men) in Majors are as under.

All Time Combined Titles of Grand Slam (Men):

Country/Winning SpanPlayersMixedDoublesSingles
USA(2002 to 2012)Bob Bryan7120
USA(1977 to1992)John McEnroe197
USA(1913 to1930)Bill Tilden5610
Australia(1956 to1962)Neale Fraser4113
Australia(1962 to1969)Fred Stolle7102
Australia(1959 to1971)Roy Emerson01612
Australia(1964 to1976)John Newcombe2177
Australia(1959 to1971)Rod Laver3611
Australia(1938 to1950)Jack Bromwich4132
Australia(1948 to1952)Frank Sedgman895
Australia(1990 to 2004)Todd Woodbridge6160
Australia(1929 to1935)Jack Crawford566
Australia(1953 to1974)Ken Rosewall098
France(1924 to1936)Jean Borotra594
Switzerland(2003 to 2012)Roger Federer0017

All Time Combined Titles of Grand Slam (Women):

Country/Winning SpanPlayersSinglesDoublesMixed
Puerto Rico(1988 to 1997)Gigi Fernandez0170
Brazil(1958 to1968)Maria Bueno7111
CzechRepublic(1988 to1998)Jana Novotna1124
Australia(1960 to1975)Margaret Court241919
Germany(1987 to1999)Steffi Graf2210
Belarus(1989 to1997)Natasha Zvereva0182
France(1919 to1926)Suzanne Lenglen885
USA(1941 to1962)Margaret Osborne duPont62110
USA(1947 to1955)Doris Hart61415
USA(1942 to1957)Louise Brough Clapp6218
USA(1998 to2012)Serena Williams15132
USA(1981 to1991)Pam Shriver0211
USA(1974 to1986)Chris Evert1830
USA(1974 to2006)Martina Navratilova183110
USA(1961 to1980)Billie Jean King121611
USA(1923 to1938)Helen Wills1993
USA(1913 to1934)Elizabeth Ryan01911
USA(1998 to2012)Venus Williams7132
USA(1950 to1957)Shirley Fry Irvin4121

Winners who didn’t lose a set and won (Men)


YearCountryCountries/PlayersMatchesGWSeedSetsGrand Slam
1939AustraliaJohn Bromwich593115Australian C
1955USATony Trabert7131121WimbledonC
1960AustraliaNeale Fraser7135121U.S.National Championships
1963USAChuck McKinley7140421WimbledonC
1964AustraliaRoy Emerson6114118Australian C
1971AustraliaKen Rosewall6114218Australian Open
1973RomaniaIlie Năstase7115219French Open
1976SwedenBjörn Borg7133421Wimbledon C
1978SwedenBjörn Borg7127121French Open
1980SwedenBjörn Borg7126121French Open
2007SwitezerlandRoger Federer7132121Australian Open
2008SpainRafael Nadal7128221French Open
2010SpainRafael Nadal7130221French Open

Winners who didn’t lose a set and won (Women)


YearCountryPlayerMatchesGWSeedSetsGrand Slam Championship
1954USAMaureen Connolly560110French C
1954USAMaureen Connolly673112Wimbledon C
1955USALouise Brough676212Australian C
1957USAShirley Fry Irvin562110Australian C
1957USAAlthea Gibson672112Wimbledon C
1958USAAngela Mortimer560110Australian C
1971USABillie Jean King674112US Open
1972USABillie Jean King560310French Open
1974USAChris Evert7871141974 French Open
1981USAChris Evert785114Wimbledon C
1983USAMartina Navratilova785114Wimbledon C
1983USAMartina Navratilova784114US Open
194USAMartina Navratilova780113Wimbledon C
1986USAMartina Navratilova785114Wimbledon C
1987USAMartina Navratilova786214US Open
1998USALindsay Davenport785214US Open
1999USALindsay Davenport786314Wimbledon C
2000USALindsay Davenport787214Australian Open
2001USAVenus Williams784414US Open
2002USASerena Williams787214Wimbledon C
2002USASerena Williams785114US Open
1946USAPauline Betz672112Wimbledon C
1947USAMargaret Osborne673112Wimbledon C
1949USAMargaret Osborne561110French C
1951USADoris Hart786314Wimbledon C
1952USADoris Hart570210French C
1953USAMaureen Connolly560110Australian C
1953USAMaureen Connolly675112Wimbledon C
1953USAMaureen Connolly

U.S. National C
2008USAVenus Williams789714Wimbledon C
2008USASerena Williams785414US Open
2010USASerena Williams788114Wimbledon C
1927USAHelen Wills

Wimbledon C
1928USAHelen Wills560110French C
1928USAHelen Wills

Wimbledon C
1929USAHelen Wills44918French C
1929USAHelen Wills

Wimbledon C
1930USAHelen Wills560110French C
1930USAHelen Wills

Wimbledon C
1932USAHelen Wills566110French C
1932USAHelen Wills

Wimbledon C
1938USADorothy Cheney45018Australian C
1967USANancy Richey Gunter555110Australian C
1967USABillie Jean King563110Wimbledon C
1962USAKaren Hantze794814Wimbledon C
1967USABillie Jean King

U.S. National C
1990USAMartina Navratilova784214Wimbledon C
1934GermanyHilde Krahwinkel561310French C
1996GermanySteffi Graf788114US Open
1994GermanySteffi Graf780114Australian Open
1936GermanyHilde Krahwinkel560110French C
1988GermanySteffi Graf786114Australian Open
1988GermanySteffi Graf785114French Open
1989GermanySteffi Graf784114Australian Open
1937GermanyHilde Krahwinkel560110French C
1922FranceSuzanne Lenglen67512Wimbledon C
1923FranceSuzanne Lenglen67212Wimbledon C
1925FranceSuzanne Lenglen672112French C
1926FranceSuzanne Lenglen560110French C
1995FranceMary Pierce784414Australian Open
1938FranceSimone Mathieu44818French C
1934AustraliaJoan Hartigan562110Australian C
1936AustraliaJoan Hartigan3376Australian C
1939AustraliaEmily Hood Westacott45068Australian C
1946AustraliaNancye Wynne560110Australian C
1947AustraliaNancye Wynne560110Australian C
1951AustraliaNancye Wynne561110Australian C
1948AustraliaNancye Wynne44818Australian C
1954AustraliaThelma Coyne560110Australian C
1959AustraliaMary Carter564410Australian C
1961AustraliaMargaret Court560110Australian C
1962AustraliaMargaret Court561110Australian C
1963AustraliaMargaret Court560110Australian C
1965AustraliaMargaret Court673212Wimbledon C
196AustraliaMargaret Court45318Australian C
1971AustraliaEvonne Goolagong673312French Open
1997SwitzerlandMartina Hingis787414Australian Open
1997SwitzerlandMartina Hingis785114US Open
2006BelgiumJustine Henin786514French Open
2007BelgiumJustine Henin785114French Open
2007BelgiumJustine Henin786114US Open
1994SpainArantxa Sánchez785214French Open
1992YugoslaviaMonica Seles785114US Open
2008RussiaMaria Sharapova785514Australian Open

Grand Slam tournament winners (Men)

The mentioned players have won maximum titles of single Tennis at the grand slam tournaments.

PlayersNo of Titles
Roger Federer from Switzerland17 Grand slam titles so far
Pete Sampras (USA)14 Grand slam wins
Roy Emerson12 Grand slam Wins
Rafael Nadal (Spain)11 Grand Slam wins
Björn Borg11 wins
Rod Laver11 wins

Grand Slam tournament winners (Women)

PlayersNo of Titles
Margaret Court24 Grand slam wins
Steffi Graf (Germany)22 singles Grand slam tournaments
Helen Wills19 Grand slam wins
Martina Navratilova18 Grand slam tournament
Chris Evert18 wins
Serena Williams (From USA)15

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