To win a game of tennis, you have to know how to serve technically. The service is a vital part of the game that allows the player to gain points easily if done correctly.

Some advice on serving follows.

Your service has to be accurate and to the point to test your opponent by serving in the three main areas, namely, the forehand, backhand, and body. The server needs to test the ability of the returner early and gain maximum advantage in his service games.

You can determine which side is the opponents’ weaker return depending on the number of mistakes they make and the quality of the return. You should obtain information on your opponent throughout the match by serving in each of the three areas, namely wide, middle (body serve), and down the middle.

You need to concentrate on your placement and make mental notes of the opponents’ strengths and weaknesses.

Your opponent will also be making notes of your weak returns and will be trying to gain the upper hand in his service games. You should focus on your opponent’s weaknesses when you need a point to win the game. Federer’s playing style shows this all the time. It is generally very important to notice a weak shot from your opponent and make sure to exploit this to win a crucial point.

Mystery of the Clay

Tennis history is full of eminent names and great games. Players come and go leaving behind their traces of success and defeat. However, the enigma of red clay at the Roland Garros is still the same since the first day and is still a hard nut to crack.

It has some unusual characteristics which keep the players perplexed and all the time test their skills and grandeur. Unlike grass courts, the clay-court never gives a second chance to the players to recover once they lost their technique to meet the standards of this court.

The French Open is one such competition with big guns like Sampras, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, and Roger Federer who have never won their victory caps as they have never won any French Open in their awe-inspiring histories of Grand Slams.

They loved Wimbledon, they enjoyed US Open and Australian Open, but the French Open has always remained a dream for them that that has never come true.

Unlike the grass courts, the game at Roland Garros is all about exhibiting stamina and strength and as to how long a player can hold himself to play on clay. Once he or she is worn out, the game can go to an opponent in the blink of an eye. Players with stamina always win the laurels at the French Open. However, for those who lack resilience, the French Open is just a fascination for them.

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