PBZ Zagreb Indoor Tennis tournament

PBZ Zagreb Indoors tennis tournament was the first European tournament in tennis history. The tournament is played on a hard surface on an indoor court. The tournament is placed in 250 series of ATP World Tour. The tournament is held in Croatia and has prize money of € 398,250. The tournament has the finance of roughly € 450,000.

Movistar Open Tennis Tournament

Movistar Open is an ATP World Series tournament featuring men’s tennis. The tournament was included in ATP Internal series in 1998 and 2000. It remained there for the next eight years till 2008. Now it is a part of the ATP World Tour 250 series. The tournament is played on an outdoor clay court with prize money of $496,000. The tournament draws are at 32M, 32Q, and 16D.

For the first time, the tournament was played in 1993. The tournament faced plenty of problems throughout its time, being delayed in 1999 and relocated in 2001 and again in 2010. The tournament is currently held in Santiago. Although the tournament used Round Robin organizers faced plenty of problems with that and reverted to 32 players’ schema. Many top players started playing in this popular tournament after a change in its format.

SAP Open Tennis Tournament

SAP Open is among the oldest men’s tennis tournaments in the US. The tournament is held in San Jose, California, each year. It remained a part of the Grand Prix tennis circuit from 1970 to 1989. After this, the tournament was included in ATP World Series and remained part of it until 1997. It was then included in ATP International Series where it remained until 2008. Now it is included in ATP World 250 series.

The tournament is played indoors on a hard court. The tournament uses Round Robin draws and has prize money of $600,000. SAP Open was first played in 1889 and it was known as Pacific Coast Championship back in those days. The tournament included men and women competition from the beginning. It continued during WWII. The tournament has plenty of names, usually, these were its official names at some point in time. These include Sybase Open, Volvo, Fireman’s Fund, Redwood Bank, and Transamerica Open.

ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament

ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament is one of the biggest tennis events in the Netherlands. The tournament falls in ATP World 500 series. It remained a part of the Grand Prix tennis circuit until 1989. This indoor tournament is played on hard court and is also known as WCT.

The tournament started in 1974 with a capacity of 46,000 spectators. The number increased later on and now it stands at 100,000. The tournament has prize money of 310,000 Euro.

The tournament was covered by media giant AVRO when it first started. As of now, the tournament is broadcasted in over 170 countries and receives active coverage in numerous international sports magazines.

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