U.S. Men’s Clay Court Championship

US Men’s Clay Court Championship started back in 1910 and has been held annually under ATP tour since then. The tournament matches are played on a clay court, as apparent from its name.

Western Lawn Tennis Association has been showing special interest in tournament promotion ever since the tournament started. The reason behind such strong promotion is to promote tennis on clay courts in Texas. The Association stresses populating clay courts since they are cheap to build and maintain compared to grass courts. Moreover, the games can go lengths when played on clay courts, unlike grass courts where games usually end quite quickly. The popularity of the tournament and clay tennis can be judged from the fact that the first-ever game played here attracted over 5000 people.

The tournament has shifted venues with time, moving to Cincinnati Tennis Club in 1914 and then coming back to its original venue. The tournament has also remained under Grand Prix Tennis Tour for 19 years. Nowadays, the tournament is held in Houston, Texas at River Oaks Country Club. The tournament hasn’t only been part of Grand Prix Tennis but it has also been part of the ATP World Tour 500 series. The tournament has prize money of $500,000.

Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters Tennis Tournament

Monte Carlo Rolex Masters is held annually in Roquebrune Cap Martin, France. The tournament is sponsored by Rolex and has a prestigious place among men’s professional tennis tournaments. This tournament is a part of the ATP tour of the Masters Series.

The tournament started back in 1897 and has been an open tournament for a long. It became a part of the Grand Prix Championship Series during the 1970s and remained in it until 1989.

Professional players don’t have to play the tournament mandatory since they have the choice to elect this tournament to play. The most successful player in the tournament is Rafal Nadal who won seven consecutive titles from 2005 to 2011. The prize money for the tournament is 2,750,000 pounds.

Barcelona Open Tennis Tournament

Barcelona Open Tennis Tournament started 60 years ago and continues to maintain its authority in professional tennis ever since. The annual Barcelona Annual Tournament is played on clay and has prize money of 1995,000 pounds. The tournament is a part of the ATP world tour 500 series. It holds a high place among important events in Spain, whether sports-related or entertainment related. The most successful player has been Rafal Nadal who has won the tournament six times during his career.

Serbia Open Tennis Tournament

Serbia Open Tennis Tournament is included in ATP world tour as 250 series. It is held in Serbia and is the first Serbian tennis tournament. Before Serbia Open, no tennis tournaments were ever held in the country. The first event started in 2009.

Novak Djokovic hosts this tournament. He is one of the top tennis players the region ever produced and that is how he is contributing back to his country. The tournament director is Goran, who is also Djokovic’s uncle. Djokovic has won the tournament twice. The tournament is a part of the ATP World Tour 500 series and is played on the outdoor clay surface. The tournament has prize money of 450,000 pounds.

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