April is a month of festivities all around the world, indisputably. Many of these festivals are coincidentally global festivals. Thousands or even millions of people from all around the world are normally willing to travel to these particular festivals in the festival’s home country.

Among such famous April festivals, there are three particularly worthy of mentioning:

  • Cape Town Jazz Festival in South Africa
  • Langkawi Water Festival in Malaysia
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival in Australia

Cape Town Jazz Festival

Fall/autumn in South Africa are met with the arrival of the Cape Town Jazz Festival every year. This festival serves as a tantalizing alternative to the settling temperatures of the season. It is one of the high-rated tourist attractions among the many other festivals in the region. It was first organized in 2000. It is the fourth largest jazz festival in the world and largest jazz festival on the African continent.

The Langkawi Water Festival in Malaysia

The Langkawi Water Festival is equally famous among western tourists as the Cape Town Jazz Festival. It is held in April every year. It is a main attraction for tourists. It helps cool down during the hottest time of the year.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Melbourne International Comedy Festival in Australia is a four-week long festival held to bring together thousands of comedians from around the world every year. The festival was first organized in 1987. It hosts almost 300 shows during this time.

It’s among the top rated comedy festivals and shows around the world. People wait for this festival all through the year. It is one of the most awaited festivals of its type. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is the largest stand-alone comedy festival and second largest international comedy festival in the world.

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