Film festivals are cinematic festivals held annually in many countries. It features different independent films that focus on a specific subject or genre.

Three of the most interesting film festivals in the world are:

  • New York International Independent & Video Festival (NYIIFVF)
  • Rome International Film Festival
  • Cannes Film Festival

New York International Independent & Video Festival (NYIIFVF)

Apart from being interesting, the New York International Independent & Video Festival is also the largest film festival in the world. It was founded in 1993 and quickly gained recognition as the leader of film festivals in the film entertainment industry as well as in the independent festival track. Over the years during the month of July, the festival has hosted many music, arts, and film events in New York and Los Angeles.

Rome International Film Festival

Another interesting film festival in the world is the Rome International Film Festival, which works to feature filmmakers and films worldwide. The festival is managed by a non-profit organization with a mission of sharing the art of independent films. It usually takes place during the month of September.

Cannes Film Festival

For more than 60 years, the Cannes Film Festival has been a standard in the industry of films. It is not only an interesting festival to participate in but also the most famous in the world. This festival often plays a significant role in defining cinematic arts and promoting new talents. It is held during the month of May every year.

Among the various international film festivals, Cannes Film Festival is reputed to be the most prestigious and grand affair of the year. It is held in the elite town of Cannes. It is a star studded affair and you can see many celebrities gracing the red carpet. Cannes has become a platform for European movies. Out of competition screening of Hollywood movies is also held. Awards are given in various categories.

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