Top 10 Century-Scorers of the England Test Cricket Team

The cricket team of England is a team that represents England and Wales. Since January 1997, these both teams are administered by England Cricket Board. Australia and England were the first two teams who have been granted Test status.

They have also gained complete membership of the ICC. They had also taken part in the first one-day match in January 1971. England is currently having the best Test players who are also holding records of centuries.

As per the recent status, the England cricket team has won 319 Test matches, and, currently, they are the fourth-ranked team in the ICC ranking with the help of its player’s centuries. They have been runner-ups in three World Cup matches and the ICC Champions Trophy as well.

The main strength of the England cricket team is its players who are also having the capacity to hit centuries and break all the records.

The top ten century scorers of the England cricket team in Test cricket are:  

■ W.R. Hammond

■ M.C. Cowdrey

■ G. Boycott

■ K.F. Berrington

■ G.A. Gooch

■ L. Hutton

■ A.J. Strauss

■ M.P. Vaughan

■ D.I. Gower

■ K.P. Pietersen

Top 10 Century-Scorers of England in ODI Cricket

One-day is a game of cricket, in which 50 over should be played by both teams. Cricket World Cup is also played in the same format. In many one-day matches, one more day is kept aside, that is, also known as reserved day. This gives one more chance to complete the game.

The first one-day international game was played in 1971 between Australia and England. It was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. To play the ODI game, the team should have ODI status. 

England is one such cricket team that is having this status for a long time. The England cricket team has produced many good cricket players who have scored many centuries and made other records as well.

Here is a list of the top-ODI players who have scored most of the centuries being in the England cricket squad. These are the most famous players because of their play and their record centuries.

The top ten century-scorers of England in ODI are:

  • M.E. Trescothick
  • G.A. Gooch
  • K.P. Pieterson
  • D.I. Gower
  • N.V. Knight
  • A.J. Strauss
  • G.A. Hick
  • P.D. Collingwood
  • D.L. Amiss
  • R.A. Smith

Top 3 Century-Scorers of the England Cricket Team in T20

T20 cricket is gaining worldwide popularity for its challenging features within the shortest period (only 20 hours per innings). It is a game of vast excitement and pleasure. Getting centuries in this game is quite difficult for the batsman, and truly speaking no player except B.B. McCullum (New Zealand) and S.K. Raina (India) has centuries in this category.

In the England team, several players are having several fifties in the T20 game but no centuries yet and are looking to getting that on to their scores. Therefore, a list of three recent players, those who have very good current status in T20 cricket and possibly can get T20 (International) centuries very soon, has been provided here.

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