T20 cricket format has become essential for all cricket series. The format of T20 cricket matches makes each and every match interesting as it is more about luck rather skills to win this frantic pace of game.

T20 cricket matches became an important cricketing event in a very short period of time. Since 2007, T20 word cup tournaments have been entertaining the fans of sizzling cricket encounters. Speaking of which, we are here to share our list of five greatest T20 matches with you.

Here we go.

  1. India v South Africa 2010

It was a very entertaining clash between the two cricketing greats during 2010 World T20. It wasn’t only about India’s win but it was a colossal 101 runs that were scored by Suresh Raina. India won this match by 14 runs and Raina was declared man of the match for obvious reason. In addition, he was also rewarded for 9 fours and 5 sixes marathon.

  1. South Africa v West Indies 2007

Chris Gayle is known for his brutal but extravagant hard hitting game. He is particularly known for his beastly performance especially in the case of T20. It was in the augural T20 cricket world cup where he showed his capabilities against South Africa by hitting 117 runs. He hit 10 sixes and 7 boundaries, taking a grand total for West Indies to 205. But it was a very strong batting line up of South Africa that they ended up winning this match. It was surely one spectacular match to watch.

  1. West Indies v Bangladesh

At this tour of West Indies to Bangladesh, the Indies thwarted the Bangladeshi team over and over again but things changed when it came to T20 match where the Bongs brought cannon to a gun fight. West Indies set a target of 132 for Bangladesh to chase. To utter shock of West Indies, Bangladesh fought back amazingly and there came a point where Bangladesh needed four runs off two balls. It was then when Mushfiqur Rahim smashed a massive six to win the match.

  1. New Zealand v South Africa

South Africans have played some of the most thrilling matches in T20. This particular match made it to the list of the greatest T20 matches as Protean were pitted against New Zealand who set a target of 174. This is where Protean rolled out Richard Levi who scored a brilliant 117 run by hitting 5 fours and 13 sixes. It was him who levelled out New Zealand with 24 balls to spare!

  1. Pakistan v Australia 2012

It was a low scoring match where Pakistan was able to set a target of 149 runs. It was the magic spell of Saeed Ajmal that collapsed batting line up of Australia at a score of 117 runs only.

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