Landmark/important movies of Hollywood from 1950s

The 50′s, in a nutshell, remained about the total renewed wisdom of optimism sensed around the world after the preceding horrific period of war, distress plus unlikely atrocities.

Although western governments originate to yield to the second ‘Red Scare’, through Anti-American group hearings lead by Senator Joseph McCarthy, the impending threats because of the Cold War were not however cemented in the attentions of the overall public.

In terms of films, Hollywood’s golden age was in complete swing. The stars of the curtain were bigger plus brighter than ever, as reporters would start to provide more and more ink to the movie medium (owing in part to the Ingrid Bergman plus Robert Rossellini matter that rose in 1950).

Though the arrival of television would disturb ticket sales through the middle-aged-plus age group selecting to stay home through their T.V programming agendas, their kids started taking to the dramas in droves.

The alteration was in the air for the supposed ‘beat’ group. Rock n’ roll was around to dawn, children just wanted to have a decent time and the cinemas signified that night out around town.


● Godzilla (1954)

● 12 Angry Men (1957)

● Sleeping Beauty (1959)

● Seven Samurai (1954)

● Some like It Hot (1959)

Landmark/important movies of Hollywood from the 1960s

In numerous ways, the year 1960 redirected a definite altering of the guard in Hollywood. The ancient guard, finest encapsulated in a royal sense of propriety, fake piety, and external allure, fell at the pity of more severe film budgets, a hesitating Production Code of Morals and an investment thru the general public in further ‘adult’ entertaining – mirroring a rising social bitterness plus general dissolution away from mid-class ethics.

With the regime’s Consent Decree confidently in play, Hollywood studios twisted to divest themselves, not simply of their theater chains, however also their concealed star system, weighty production overhead plus other assets (like their music publication, shorts issue, and cartoon devices) than supposed unnecessary and so, unwanted.


● Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

● Psycho (1960)

● Mary Poppins (1964)

● The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

● Planet of the Apes (1968)

Landmark/important movies of Hollywood from the 1970s

Though the 1970s opened with Hollywood facing financial plus artistic despair, the decade developed an imaginative high point in the US film industry. On the one hand, the era’s films are noticeable by dark abilities: neo-Noir, dystopia, doused in intrigue or plagued by imaginations of big-scale catastrophe.

Instead, 1970s cinema imitates the ecstatic enthusiasm of sexual freedom, gender concern, and new methods of societal power. In this era, the Hollywood movie industry was stunned by severe independent producers, eccentric directors, the increase of the blockbuster, plus the growing of new styles of in-home distribution, for example, cable TV plus videotape.

The 1970s furthermore brought official inventiveness to even the maximum mainstream of cinemas, whichever boldly varied codes from high plus low genres, investigated through arty European aesthetics, plus allowed fresh directors greater liberty over film elegance and content.


● The Godfather (1972)

● Star Wars (1977)

● Alien (1979)

● Taxi Driver (1976)

● Jaws (1975)

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