While North America produces the most films, South America lags behind. South is now taking steps for the development and expansion of its cinema and one of these steps is the holding of film festivals.

International Fantastic Film Festival

Fantaspoa or the International Fantastic Film Festival of Porto Alegre takes place in Brazil from late July to early August. This is a competitive festival where the jury decides the winners; there are also public choice awards.

Only horror, science fiction, bizarre and fantastic films of short length and feature films are screened in this film event. This film event also aims at encouraging the production of films in Brazil.

International Film Festival of Uruguay

Uruguay plays host to the International Film Festival of Uruguay. This is a competitive event which features international films and local films. Through this event, the local audience is exposed to international ventures and local works are brought to the attention of the world. The winners are selected by a panel of Jury and by the audience as well.

The International Festival of Documentaries Three Continents

The International Festival of Documentaries Three Continents is held in Venezuela. Only documentaries from three continents Asia, Africa and Latin America are screened in this event. The documentaries are mostly based on social issues, human struggle and endurance while light comedy has also been a topic. The event brings together directors of documentaries from the three continents and strengthens ties between them.

Giggle Shorts Comedy Film Festival

Comedy is an important genre of movies and is quite popular among the audience. The Giggle Shorts Comedy Film Festival is held every year in Toronto. The event started in 2002 and invites short films from all over the world. Giggle Shorts accepts any film, commercial, or video but it should be hilarious and less than 15 minutes.

Montreal Festival of New Cinema and New Media

The Montreal Festival of New Cinema and New Media is an important film event which features independent productions from all over the world and serves as a qualifying festival for short movies for the Academy Awards.

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