Irani cinema makes different films every year. Especially the art movies of Irani cinema are praised by audience all over the world and they have now peaked international fame too. The best movies of Irani cinema consist of strong story line.

Also the acting skills of the actors and actresses are superb and they reflect professionalism. The artistic aspect of the Irani cinema is significant and they have been praised by different film makers around the world too.

Actors and actresses of Irani cinema

Irani cinema is fortunate enough to have a pool of talented actors and actresses. Irani cinema has undergone changes and it is now a popular industry around the globe. Various actors and actresses of Irani cinema are loved by the audience.

The acting skills of some actors and actresses made them to be counted as the super stars of Irani film industry. Many movies have been regarded as the best movies around the globe by some magazines. Also since the Irani cinema has flourished the number of actors and actresses have also increased.

Also many film makers are emerging in Irani cinema and new faces are being introduced in the Iranian movies spectrum. There are various prominent stars in Irani cinema but we will highlight the overall top ten actors and actresses from the Irani film industry.

Top ten actors of Irani cinema

  1. Behrouz Vossoughi
  2. Mani Haghighi
  3. Javad Ezati
  4. Bahram Radan
  5. Hamed Behdad
  6. Ahmad Mehranfar
  7. Mohammad Reza Forutan
  8. Shahab Hosseini
  9. Mohamad Ali Fardin
  10. Homayoun Ershadi

Top ten actresses of Irani cinema

  1. Merila Zare’i
  2. Afsaneh Bayegan
  3. Fatemah Motamed-Aria
  4. Leila Hatami
  5. Niki Karimi
  6. Mahnaz Afshar
  7. Susan Taslimi
  8. Hediyeh Tehrani
  9. Taraneh Alidoosti
  10. Golshifteh Farahani

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