Born Kate Garry Hudson on 19th April, 1979 in Los Angeles, CA (USA), we know her simply as Kate Hudson. It probably didn’t surprise her parents that Kate decided to act.

Her mother, after all, is the legendary actress Goldie Hawn and her father is Bill Hudson, an actor, comedian and musician. When her parents divorced, she lived with her mother and Goldie’s long-time partner, actor Kurt Russell.

Career Highlights

A child surrounded by all of that talent had been created to star in films. She proved it in 2001 by winning a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in the film, “Almost Famous”. She went on to act in a string of very successful films.

Before finding her niche, Hudson fooled around with some teenage-league movies. After “Almost Famous”, however, she hit her stride. She is a versatile actress with a buoyant charm and yet, she can play the serious and even staid role if required.

Her best roles, of course, are those that allow her to flash that engaging smile. She is one of Hollywood’s top leading ladies and has the box office receipt to prove it.

Some have accused Kate of simply showing up and playing herself. That might be true if and when the part required her to be an intelligent, beautiful blonde with a kind, generous nature. All of those other scenes, I fear, were actual acting.

In addition to her Golden Globe for “Almost Famous”, that same role earned Kate other awards and numerous nominations, including; Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Breakthrough Artist and a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Female Newcomer.

Top Ten Movies of Kate Hudson:

⦁ Almost Famous
⦁ Alex and Emma
⦁ How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days
⦁ Raising Helen
⦁ The Skeleton Key
⦁ You, Me and Dupree
⦁ Fool’s Gold
⦁ My Best Friend’s Girl
⦁ Bride Wars
⦁ Nine

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