Top Ten Big Innings by Pakistani Cricketers in Test Matches

A test match century tests the stamina of a cricket player. It is a glorious moment in the career of any player to achieve top class century in test matches. Hanif Mohammad is amongst those players of Pakistan who are still ranked amongst the world’s top ten centuries in test matches.

Younis Khan, on other hand, has managed to get his name twice on the list of top ten centuries of Pakistani players in test matches.

Here is the list of the top ten players who have made centuries in test matches in their careers.

Hanif Mohammad33717 Jan 1958
Inzamam-ul-Haq3291 May 2002
Younis Khan31321 Feb 2009
Javed Miandad280*14 Jan 1983
Zaheer Abbas2743 Jun 1971
Javed Miandad27124 Feb 1989
Younis Khan26724 Mar 2005
Javed Miandad2606 Aug 1987
Wasim Akram257*17 Oct 1996
Zaheer Abbas24022 Aug 1974

Top Ten Big Innings by Pakistani Cricketers in ODI Matches

Pakistan’s cricket team is one of the finest One Day International teams in the world. It has the marvelous history of winning the World Cup of 1992 under captaincy of Imran Khan. Pakistan’s cricket team has a good mix of bowlers and batsmen.

Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis were known to be the best swingers and fastest bowlers in the world. The batting line of Pakistan is also considered second to none. There are many centurions in the history of Pakistan’s cricket team.

This article covers the top ten Pakistani players having ODI centuries in their careers.

Saeed Anwar19421 May 1997
Imran Nazir16021 Mar 2007
Younis Khan14418 Jul 2004
Shoaib Malik14325 Jul 2004
Yousuf Youhana141*23 Nov 2002
Saeed Anwar14018 Jan 1998
Ijaz Ahmed139*2 Oct 1997
Inzamam-ul-Haq137*20 Apr 1994
Ijaz Ahmed1377 Apr 1999
Salman Butt13619 Apr 2008

India’s cricket team is one of the best international cricket teams in Test matches. Many of their players have centuries in their Test match careers. Verander Sehwag is one the players of India’s team who has the top three centuries in the test match history of the Indian cricket team.

He is one of the most refined and extraordinary test match cricket players of the Indian team. Sachin Tendulkar is another player of India’s team who has a good record of Test match centuries in his career. Here is the list of top ten centuries of Indian players in Test matches.

Verandar Sehwag31926 Mar 2008
Verandar Sehwag30928 Mar 2004
Verandar Sehwag2932 Dec 2009
VVS Laxman28111 Mar 2001
Rahul Dravid27013 Apr 2004
Verandar Sehwag25413 Jan 2006
Sachin Tendulkar248*10 Dec 2004
Sachin Tendulkar *2412 Jan 2004
Saruv Ganguly2398 Dec 2007
Sunil Gavaskar *23624 Dec 1983

Top Ten Big Innings of Indian Cricketers in Test Matches

Indian Cricket team has produced some of the greatest test cricket batsmen of all time. Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Virender Sehwag are to name a few. Sehwag has proven his batting skills time and again. He has a consistency in his batting style which very few can claim. The above list shows Sehwag has scored more than 250 runs in an innings 4 times by now.

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