Top Ten Captains of India in Test Cricket

Kapil Dev achieved a lot of success with the Indian team. It was under his captaincy that India started to flourish and have since then maintained its position. He proved to be a very competitive captain.

Next came Mohammad Azharuddin who was again a very cool and relaxed personality. He achieved a lot of fame during his stint of being the captain of team India.

In test cricket, Ganguly proved to be the mentor for all the younger players of the current team, and that same team has taken India to newer heights. And today India is the number one test side in the world. The captains of India have always known their responsibility and have never backed out in any game.

And currently under the captaincy of MS Dhoni, they are doing very well. The top ten captains of India in test cricket are:

1. MS Dhoni

2. SC Ganguly

3. R Dravid

4. SM Gavaskar

5. M Azharuddin

6. AL Wadekar

7. A Kumble

8. Kapil Dev

9. BS Bedi

10. Nawab of Pataudi

Top Ten Captains of India in ODI Cricket

India has been exceptionally good in One-day Internationals. It was under the captaincy of Kapil Dev that they won the World Cup in 1983. He was again brilliant on the field.

Rahul Dravid is a guy of a very cool temperament, but unfortunately, India hasn’t performed that well during his captaincy; nevertheless, that doesn’t make him bad in the game or as a captain. He always came up with new tactics on the field of which some worked very well for the team.

Ganguly was again one such captain of a string of successful captains India has, as can be seen even today with the wonderful results achieved by MS Dhoni, who is the reason behind India being the most feared. Most matches have been won under his captaincy. The top ten captains of India in one-day international cricket are:

1. MS Dhoni

2. A Jadeja

3. V Sehwag

4. R Dravid

5. M Azharuddin

6. Kapil Dev

7. SC Ganguly

8. DB Vengsarkar

9. SM Gavaskar

10. RJ Shastri

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