Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of India in Test Cricket

India has had and continues to have very successful players and is also known to have a very good fielding side. However, in recent times, Indian fielding and catching in test cricket has been very sloppy and way below international standards, as Dhoni as a captain has been very uninspiring.

But only by blaming the fielding of the Indian players they miss out on the actual point of what went wrong. The Indian players have what it takes to reach the top, and this is what helps them in achieving their set targets.

Every player in the team is unique and all that is required is that they find out their strengths and work towards improving them.

Here are the top ten fielders of India in test cricket:

1. Rahul Dravid

2. V.V.S. Laxman

3. S.M. Gavaskar

4. M. Azharuddin

5. Sachin Tendulkar

6. D.B. Vengsarkar

7. S.C. Ganguly

8. Kapil Dev

9. G.R. Viswanath

10. Anil Kumble

Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of India in ODI Cricket

In one-day Internationals, fielding has been the cause of worry for India and has cost them the last few matches. The Indian fielders have never been weak in their performances before this; because of that, their capability is now being tested.

Though the team does appear to be very confident in the forthcoming One-day Internationals, to prove it, they need to add a little more consistency to their game. One aspect which needs to be taken care of is that they don’t let the opposing team score well in the first few over itself.

India needs to have back-breaking performances to match the brilliant standards set by other teams such as Australia and South Africa.

The top ten fielders of India in ODI are:

1. M. Azharuddin

2. Sachin Tendulkar

3. Rahul Dravid

4. S.C. Ganguly

5. Anil Kumble

6. V. Sehwag

7. Kapil Dev

8. Yuvraj Singh

9. Harbhajan Singh

10. A. Jadeja

Top Ten Catchers / Fielders of India in T20 Cricket

India truly has a passion for this format of the game, which can be seen in their style of playing. Their first win of the T20 World Cup showed some remarkable performances.

But slowly the fielding performances were deteriorating and this could be because of the ongoing IPL which lasted two months. This could have made them lazy and complacent. T20 is such that one wrong ball can cause the entire match to the team. The Indian players need to be more alert and attentive because of this.

It is time India takes it professionally and becomes organized so that it helps them in the long run. The Indian players should take it upon themselves as a challenge.

The top ten fielders of The Indian cricket team in T20 are:

1. Y.K. Pathan

2. R.G. Sharma

3. Harbhajan Singh

4. Yuvraj Singh

5. K.D. Karthik

6. R.A. Jadeja

7. S.K. Raina

8. G. Gambhir

9. M. Vijay

10. P.P. Chawla

10. Abdur Rehman

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